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Air fryer deals for Prime Day: Ninja, Cuisinart and Cosori ovens get major discounts

Best Prime Day air fryer deals: The Ninja Foodi is at an all-time-low price

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day 2021, CNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Amazon Prime Day has brought serious air fryer deals, and they’re coming in hot. We found air fryer discounts on everything from basic one-function models starting at $25 to the versatile Ninja Foodi air fryer and multicooker, which has dropped to a record low of $141 for Prime Day. We expect the air fryer deals to continue during Amazon’s big two-day sale, which ends after Tuesday, and we’ll continue to monitor price drops in the handy appliance in real-time. 

If you’re not familiar with them, trendy air fryer ovens make crispy snacks that taste like they’ve been fried but the not-so-dirty secret is that there’s no frying involved. Instead, air fryers lean on super-hot, fast-circulating air to replicate the effects of oil-frying but with none of the unwanted calories and fat. I love mine and use it nearly every day. For me, the only thing better than an air fryer is a cheap air fryer and that’s exactly what you’ll find during this giant flash sale.

When choosing an air fryer you have one big decision to make: Certain models are just made to air fry, and they’re generally a bit cheaper but you will be limited in what you can do. Then there are larger hybrid countertop convection ovens with an air fry function. With this type, you can generally bake, broil, reheat, defrost and warm in addition to air frying. They preheat faster than most big ovens and cook faster, too. Both versions are great and it really comes down to what you plan to cook, the counter space you can give up, and how much you want to spend. 

The good news is you won’t have to spend much, especially if you snap up one of these air fryer deals. Basic single-function air fryers start at around $25. The hybrid ovens range from $150 to $300, but with these Prime Day deals, you can score one for closer to $100. We’re tracking the best early Prime Day air fryer deals (see below) and will continue to update as new sales pop up until the big sale ends on June 22, so check back often. 


This Ninja Foodi almost makes the Instant Pot look lazy. It does about as much as you can expect a kitchen appliance to do including air fry, pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sear, roast, broil and more. It also scores extremely high marks in over 15,000 Amazon reviews and is marked down to its all-time-lowest price ever. 


The big draw of this Cosori air fryer is that it’s fitted with Wi-Fi capability and can be controlled via your phone or smart device, including both Alexa and Google. It also has 11 presets to cook all your favorite foods perfectly without any guesswork.


This is a high-end hybrid air fryer oven with loads of functions. It’s powerful at 1,800 watts and has enough capacity to cook a five-pound chicken or two 12-inch pizzas at once. This is also as cheap as the model has ever been on Amazon.


I own this oven and the Crux has been as trusty a kitchen sidekick as any during this past 15 months stuck at home. It has slowly but surely replaced my large oven in daily use. 

I use it to broil fish, make chicken wings, french fries (air fried, of course), frozen dumplings and dim sum, reheat leftover pizza and more mundane duties such as toasting bread and bagels. It preheats incredibly fast and the air-frying function cooks stuff faster and crispier than you’d believe. Seriously, don’t walk away once it’s on or you’ll come back to a cajun crust.


If you prefer to stick with a more well-known brand name, Cuisinart dropped the price on its version of the hybrid air fryer oven. It’s down to $125 right now.

Best Buy

This is about as cheap as you’ll find any air fryer and if you’re not entirely sold on the idea but are a little air-fry curious, this is a low-risk way to dip your toe into the waters. Prefer a digital interface? See the next deal.


The top-rated Bella 2-quart digital air fryer is also down to $20. That’s $30 off the normal price and a solid deal on a digital air fryer with computerized cooking presets and programs. The Bella air fryer might also make a great gift for a college grad or student headed out into the world. 


This is a lot of air fryer for not a lot of money. The Emerald has 5.2 liters of cooking capacity to keep the whole gang fed with oil-free french fries, chicken fingers and other crispy snacks. It’s also got a digital interface and presets for easy one-button cooking.


If you’ve got the space on your counter, I say level up to this more complete convection oven that has an air fry function. If you’re like me, you’ll use it almost every day.

This hybrid convection oven has variable temperature controls and cooking functions including air fry, bake, broil, convection bake, toast and gets as hot as 450° F. An extra large 20-liter interior can fit up to four slices of toast or a 10-inch pizza.


Let’s say you’re a serial game-day host during football season, you may want to spring for a large-format air fryer. This 10-quart digital oven could churn out enough wings and fries to feed an entire front line. The glass window display lets you keep one eye on the goods and another on the TV. 

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