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Android users, be careful, your phone can also be hacked, flaws found in Qualcomm chips

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Android users, be careful, your phone can also be hacked, flaws found in Qualcomm chips

Android users, be careful, your phone can also be hacked, flaws found in Qualcomm chips

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip used in Android users has put more than 3 billion users of the world at risk. Checkpoint Society researchers have reported over 400 vulnerabilities of Qualcomm’s digital signal processor (DSP) chips. More than 40% of Qualcomm chips are used in the smartphone market and they are found in different prices, in different categories. It is also found in premium smartphones of brands like Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi.

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Checkpoint tested the DSP chip and found that it contained more than 400 unprotected pieces, which was dangerous to users’ privacy. If hackers use it then they can have access to the smartphone even without the user. Through this, hackers can create photos, videos, call recordings, real-time microphone data, GPS as well as location data. Hackers can freeze your phone through a denial service attack so that all the data available on your phone will be present at that time and they will be able to use it.

Apart from this, another danger is that hackers can inject malware or any other dangerous code into the smartphone so that they will be able to activate on your phone without knowing you. Even you will not be able to delete those activities.

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How can Netflix benefit from these weaknesses Checkpoint has not given any technical details of this. Checkpoint stated, “We have informed Relevant government officials and mobile vendors that we can help them make the smartphone more secure.” The flaws found in the Qualcomm chip affect Android users only. iPhones are protected so Apple uses in-house chips. In addition to Qualcomm, most MediaTek chipsets are used in Android phones.

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