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Anything App ICO releases first-ever ‘MoneyBot’ : CurrencyTimes

CurrencyTimes: An ICO from the Netherlands; AnythingApp.com releases the ‘MoneyBot’, a friendly Telegram Bot which distributes AnyCoin (ANY) tokens. It focuses specifically on bounty hunters; MoneyBot is here to please.

While bounty programs and airdrops are commonplace in the world of crypto, Anything App breaks away from the norm; adding tasks including watching promotional videos, and taking selfies. Still, one of MoneyBot’s best rewarded tasks is to refer a friend to MoneyBot, allowing for rapid growth of the platform.

Part of the appeal for the MoneyBot stems from the applicability of the token, as it functions as
phone credit for the Anything App and can be used to call experts in any field, be it plumbers,
handymen, computer support, lawyers, business development, arts, explorers of the nightlife and

Founders Josh and Lodewijk elaborate: “we’d love it if a lot of people would have some credit for our App when it goes live. It is a win-win. People just need to use Anything App once to understand how useful it is and the airdropped distributed AnyCoin will bring them there.”

We think MoneyBot is very cool, indeed

For more information, took a look at the MoneyBot directly by going to
https://t.me/anythingappmoneybot or refer to the ICO website https://anythingapp.com.

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