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Best car glaze for 2021

Best car glaze for 2021

You have the perfect car wax for protection and some paint job shine. Maybe you even dipped into the world of polish to prep your car’s paint for wax, but you don’t have a glaze. Maybe you didn’t even know car glaze was a thing. Well, it is, and it can really help your car’s paintwork pop. Below are our top car glaze picks for every budget and any car based on first-hand experience with each product. Definitely read on to learn more about glaze and tips for how to use it for the best car paint finish results. 


The best car glaze in our book is 3M’s Hand Glaze. We could stop writing about it right there, but you want to know more, surely. 3M’s product is by far the easiest glaze we’ve ever applied and buffed out, making it very easy to work with. Apply it with a soft hand applicator, wipe off with a microfiber towel and add a thin second coat to really get a mega-clear-coat result from this stuff. 

Chemical Guys

A close second place to 3M’s product is Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish. This car surface glaze earns its name by producing insanely glossy paintwork after letting the product cure for a bit. It works with both hand and machine applicators (like a polisher), and bonus: It smells really awesome, too. This car glaze coating won’t disappoint you with the results on your car’s exterior. 


If you’re looking to save a few bucks and still get excellent gloss results from a glaze, Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze is just the ticket. It certainly doesn’t underperform our top picks by much, with wonderful depth and shine in a vehicle’s paint after use. It’s safe for hand and machine application, so pick your favorite way to apply and go to town with this coating. 


Coming in as an even less expensive option is Mothers California Gold Micro-Polishing Glaze. We didn’t find the paint shine results matching our other top picks, but its price is also half what they go for. Still, this glaze helped produce a mighty fine shine before a coat of paint protection wax. And if you want a deep luster on a budget, Mothers is not a poor gloss surface choice. 

Dodo Juice

You probably haven’t heard of Dodo Juice before, but the company makes a neat product in its Lime Prime prewax glaze. The idea behind this product is sort of like a cleaner and cleanser. The formula strips away old car wax and car paint sealant in the process, too. That way, when you apply a new coat, the wax bonds to the paint better. All of that’s a bonus because Lime Prime also brings out a brilliant glaze in the process. 

Chemical Guys

Really, any glaze coating will do for a black car or dark-colored car, but Chemical Guys’ Blacklight is supposed to really bring out the best in these paint colors. Like its Wet Mirror Finish, Blacklight applies super easily, and does look especially great on black cars once it’s all wiped off. If you have a white car or light-colored car, there’s a Whitelight version, too. 

Comparison of the best car glaze for 2021

Best car glaze Brand Name Price
Best car glaze overall 3M Hand Glaze $20
Best car glaze overall runner-up Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish $20
Best cheap car glaze Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Show Car Glaze $14
Best cheap car glaze runner-up Mothers California Gold Micro-Polishing Glaze $10
Best car glaze for pre-wax prep Dodo Juice Lime Prime $27
Best car glaze for black cars Chemical Guys Blacklight $24

What is car glaze and how do I use it?

  • Use after polish, but before wax: Glaze is certainly not a necessary detailing paint step, but it can make a huge difference on your car’s surface finish when you spend the time to use a glaze.
  • Car glaze is a finer polish: Polish really fills in paint imperfections like swirl marks, while glaze goes a little further while adding a ton of extra depth to paintwork shine. You can skip it, but the results before a wax will be stunning, we promise.
  • Check the product for how to apply: Most of the time, you can use a machine, like a dual-action polisher, or a hand applicator for paint glaze. But, check the detailer product to make sure you apply it correctly.
  • Some products should cure, some can come off right away: Again, check your product to see if you should let the product sit for a few minutes before wiping it off for the best paint shine.
  • Glaze is super easy to work with: We haven’t encountered a glaze that’s particularly stubborn. The slew of products are very easy to work with and beginner-friendly.

Glaze up and shine on with the best car glazes

Keep rocking that Roadshow-approved shine with our best car glaze picks. You won’t be disappointed with the paint job finish results.

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