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Biggest Data Breach Archive on Sale: Should Blockchain Stakeholders Buy It?

The website dubbed ‘Have I Been Pwned,’ is the world’s largest data breach information website. Its founder, Troy Hunt, announced that he was looking for a buyer to take over the site.

He stated that for so long he’s been the sole operator of the website but was now looking forward to making it part of something bigger and more organized.

In his blog post, Hunt wrote, ‘It’s time to go from that one guy doing what he can in his available time to a better-resourced and better-funded structure that’s able to do way more than what I ever could on my own.’

Have I Been Pwned Reaches Millions

Troy Hunt, who is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, took the initiative of HIBP after a breach on Adobe that is said to have affected 153 million internet users. From then, till now, HIBP has amassed records on a staggering eight billion breaches.

Three million users are currently subscribed to breach notifications, and the website normally gets over 4.5 million visitors each month. Hunt stated that on an ‘abnormal’ day, there have been as many as 10 million visits within 24 hours.

Data Breach

Data Breach Recorded on Blockchain

HIBP is basically a data sharing and storage website. Talking of this, blockchain can be regarded as a perfect solution to move ahead and make things more organized for HIBP, as Hunt has expressed in his announcement.

For a website that records and stores such massive amounts of data about breaches and security, it’s important that information isn’t tampered with and is secured behind unbreakable digital shields. Blockchain, being cryptographically secured, can ensure that no data ever recorded about a breach is changed.

Hunt also said that the company that buys the website will have to commit to keeping searches free of cost and available to all. A blockchain company, through the use of a permissionless blockchain, can easily make all data easily accessible to everyone.

It will be a win-win situation as HIBP will get all the features it may require using a single technology while blockchain technology may get exposure to millions of people who visit the website.

Do you think blockchain can act as a solution for HIBP? How can it potentially help improve the service provided by HIBP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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