Billions Are Flowing Into The Logistics Industry To Solve Today’s Delivery Issues

Meet LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT), Creator of the Most Comprehensive Logistics Solution The Sector Desperately Needs

Hidden beneath the booming retail economy that’s seen e-commerce sales double over the last five years is what some call the lifeblood of the economy—LOGISTICS.

Shipping products to customers, while tracking the shipments, monitoring inventories, and minimizing losses and disruptions is big business. Last year, the third-party logistics (3PL) market grew 10.5% to $184.3 billion in the US alone[1].

At the forefront of the next industrial revolution in logistics management is LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT), which is aiming to capture 1% of this massive 3PL market. The company is making its move on the sector through its disruptive and innovative software platform 1Shift, which is designed to benefit brokers, shippers, and carriers.

The industry is changing rapidly, with plenty of new entrants trying to “uberify” trucking.

The result has been a flood of investment into the sector to the tune of over $1 billion in 2017.

Start-ups such as Convoy have already reached billion-dollar valuations in a short-time span. In order to remain competitive, many of the sector’s traditional players are also attempting to digitize their operations. The result has been a fragmentation, with 23% of the market now using brokers to manage their freight.

Targeting this opportunity, LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) has developed a simple, powerful and painless solution with 1Shift to drive just-in-time supply chains and create end-to-end efficiency. The company’s ultimate goal is to enable brokers, shippers, and carriers to manage their loads, bill of ladings, contracts, disputes and support all through a single unified platform with artificial intelligence and biometric technology.

There’s a great need for solutions in the logistics industry, as the growth of the sector has also presented a series of “pain points” that need to be resolved.

Rescuing Manufacturers and Retailers From ‘Delivery Logistics Hell’

Connecting manufacturers and retailers to their customers is crucial to keeping businesses across the continent thriving.

However, the reality is that something as simple as getting a load from Point A to Point B, can and does go catastrophically wrong.

One doesn’t need to look further than the woes of Tesla Motors. Chairman and CEO, Elon Musk has dubbed his company’s latest speedbumps as “delivery logistics hell”.

Nightmares have begun to surface, with customers seeing their purchases sitting idle on train station platforms—All while giving the competition a chance to catch up on market share, and damaging the delayed company’s reputation.

These disruptions trickle all the way down through the transaction line. Online sellers stand to potentially lose nearly $7,000 per customer that defects to another site.

These problems also harm drivers, as disputes over arrival times, shipment quantities and many other factors harm their bottom line as well. For instance, a truck waiting in line to drop off its load at a major store can get penalized heavily for lateness, all because its loading door is occupied. The system requires more transparency, and honesty on all sides to help reduce losses and confusion.

Frustration causes many of the bigger players to try and take the problems in-house—complete with costly and time-consuming setbacks and challenges.

Players big and small in the market are waiting for an answer, and LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) appears to have a solution that could help them all.

LiteLink Has FIVE Strategic Advantages That Set It Apart Amid a Massive Logistics Sector

If LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) comes close to its target of capturing 1% of the 3PL market, the projected revenues are potentially massive. By utilizing state-of-the-art A.I. and Blockchain components of in its signature 1Shift platform, the company has a serious chance to disrupt the sector and achieve its goals.

LiteLink’s goal is to put transparency back into software, allowing users everywhere to cut out middlemen, saving margins in the process.

The 1Shift platform gives LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) a significant investment proposal available to a market that’s paying attention to the massive 3PL market in play.

1Shift Provides A Sleek Solution To One Of The Biggest Economic Problems Today

Many headaches are incurred between a warehouse and customer, especially for drivers. 

In the case of brick-and-mortar giant Walmart, drivers are fined whenever they are deemed as “late”. However, in many cases, drivers lose time and income when they have to dispute these lateness penalties, regardless of truth or fault—drivers are often stuck behind another truck.

The costs of these disputes, delays, and penalties effects everyone down the line, right to the customer.

LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) has the potential end these disputes with 1Shift, thus alleviating much of the tension between carriers and receivers.

1Shift enables trustless interfacing between shippers, truckers, and 3rd party logistics companies. By implementing its A.I. “brain” 1Shift reduces human error, paperwork, and downtime involved in the logistics industries.

By collecting and validating data on a blockchain, 1Shift enables trustless business to take place. It focuses on offering a “load management system” rather than a full “transportation management system”.

Not only can 1Shift reduce tension, but it perhaps, more importantly, can help plan routes and shipments in perhaps the most convenient method available. 1Shift gives future truckers and shippers the ability to process and optimize data points, which can optimize their deliveries, saving on fuel and choosing the most affordable option.

The system is based on 1Shift’s A.I.-based data collection that combines multiple data points, including: drive time, location, bill of lading details, receiving bay details, weather, and more.

With $195.8 Billion Yearly Revenues in 3PLs Alone Logistics is HUGE Money

For its size, the logistics industry is grossly overlooked by many in the market—However, it’s an industry you’ll want to familiarize yourself with and be a part of. 

With magnates such as Elon Musk bemoaning the reality of how complicated shipping products to customers can be, investment is pouring into the sector to alleviate the problem.

There’s plenty of market to share. Last year, the third-party logistics (3PL) market grew 10.5% to $184.3 billion in the US alone.

With 1Shift, LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) is bringing technical solutions to a non-technical industry—revolutionizing the logistics industry in the process. Given its ease of use, and low-cost implementation, 1Shift has a shot at widespread adoption.

There is MASSIVE DEMAND in the logistics industry for this solution.

1Shift Is THE MOST Comprehensive Logistics Solution Available

Perhaps the biggest advantage that LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) has over its competition, is its complete package of features on 1Shift. By combining all of them together, the platform is a GAME CHANGER for 3PLs, shippers and brokers.

1Shift is a unified app that benefits both shippers and brokers. Backed by innovative A.I.-Driven analytics, the platform excels in solving issues others aren’t even trying to address.

Perhaps one of the fanciest and most unique features is that of its A.I. document recognition. Many receiving transactions such as a bill of ladings involve signatures, and handwritten notes upon delivery. With 1Shift the user can input handwritten notes, which the system can read, and translate into regular text.

By utilizing a blockchain data sharing system, disputes will become a thing of the past. All parties will be able to see what’s happening in real-time, with immutable accuracy.

But ultimately, the most impressive features for the user will come in the analytics. Getting feedback on routes, warnings on delays, and being able to share data between all parties is beneficial to everyone involved. The result should be a heightened interest in adoption—which results in more revenue for LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT).

1Shift is projected to start generating revenue in March 2019. More importantly, the platform is expected to hit its cash-flow inflection point in November 2019—marking what could be seen as a rapid turnaround time within an industry used to high input costs.

Once that point is met, 1Shift is projected to truly take off—more than quadrupling its gross profit from under $4 million in 2019, to nearly $16.5 million in 2020, before ballooning to nearly $134 million by only 2023.

Rockstar Management Team

Ashik Karim, CEO
Since the addition of its CEO Ashik Karim to the head of the team, LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) reached a new level of technical expertise. Karim heads a very deep roster of tech-savvy heavyweights, with backgrounds that all point to LiteLink’s strategic advantages.

LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) is equipped to handle all of the challenges presented in need of solutions for their clients, all while rising through the ranks of a rapidly growing class of top-tier logistics companies:

CEO Ashik Karim’s career has taken him all over the world, and into space, starting with building mission-critical software for the International Space Station for NASA and the Canada Space Agency. For McDonald Dettweiler, Karim delivered one of the world’s largest online national land management platforms. His expertise has delivered pivotal technology product consulting for TELUS, Vodafone, Wind Mobile, and MDA. Ashik Karim’s already been a key leader in two successful startups in Canada, and is looking to repeat and exceed those successes now with LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT).

On top of the in-house management team, LiteLink boasts a Logistics Executive Advisory Team stacked with logistics sector all-stars Gary Sooch, Tyson Smith, and Gurj Basi. The trio brings a wealth of industry expertise, including coordinating shipments for one of North America’s largest producers and global suppliers of steel wire and wire products; creating and designing innovative Supply Chain Solutions across all modes of transportation (OTR, Rail, Air, Ocean etc); and transportation & logistics experiences with Fortune 500 company, C.H. Robinson.

Gurgjeet Basi, Logistics Advisor
Mr. Basi encompasses over 15 years of proven experience in the transportation and logistics industry. He comes to LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) with a pedigree career track record, from his tenure at C.H Robinson, a fortune 500 company, to his current role as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Playbook Logistics. Gurjeet recognizes the need to adapt to cutting-edge technologies on the horizon, in order to maintain competitiveness in the current market-place and continue to improve the customer experience. Having a platform that utilizes blockchain technology and artificial intelligence is key to providing the value-added service that our customers desire.

Gary Sooch, Logistics Advisor
Mr. Sooch has over 12 years of experience within supply chain management. Gary has developed vast experience with all modes of transport overseeing complex logistical requirements. Mr. Sooch is a Partner and Co-founded Peak Logistic Solutions in 2010. As a member of the Strategic Advisory Board, Mr. Sooch will bring leadership, industry knowledge, and growth strategy to 1Shift.

Shoukri Kattan, Head of A.I.
Mr. Kattan leads the Artificial Intelligence division of LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT). Previously, Mr. Kattan served as Director of Technology at Ericsson. He also Founded two startups, leanSPRINT and Success.AI, an instant, intelligent, interactive and context-sensitive conversational platform that automates the way customers interact with companies through digital messaging channels.

Robert (Bob) Cross, Capital Markets Advisor
Mr. Cross brings 25 years of capital markets experience as a financier and advisor. Mr. Cross served as Chairman and CEO of Yorkton Securities between 1996 and 1998. He is the co-founder and non-executive Chairman of B2 Gold. B2 Gold is a multi-billion dollar gold producer. Mr. Cross also is currently serving as Non-Executive Chairman for Standard Lithium which had recently raised $21.6 million in a bought deal in February 2018.

Investors Are Already Pouring Millions Into Logistics Startups

CapitalG, the growth equity arm of Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), recently led a $185 million round in tech-enabled trucking network Convoy. With that round, Convoy’s total raised to $265 million and values the company at $1 billion.

Another popular app in the driver community is Trucker Path, which was purchased in January 2018 by Chinese social media site Renren. After a series of funding round with Renren contributing, the CEO of Trucker Path stated the value of the company at more than $100 million.

Uber Freight’s run rate will hit $500 million in 2018 with a valuation sitting at $72 billion back in February.

There is a growing desire to “uberify” the freight industry.

Technology is where LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) has an overwhelming advantage over its competitors. Compared to competition such as Cargo Chief, or Freightera, 1Shift offers so much more. Among the exclusive features that 1Shift brings which the others don’t are A.I. Document Recognition; Blockchain Dispute Resolution, Biometrics, and are deliverable on a Mobile App.

Cargo Chief has ELD Integration (which Freightera doesn’t), and Freightera has Ratings and Real Time Payments (which Cargo Chief Doesn’t).

Source: LiteLink Technologies Inc (Based on website analysis conducted on October 31st, 2018)

Where the most attention should be given, is the current valuation of LiteLink Technologies versus some of its competitors who are either private, or are valued at much, much higher market caps, despite not bringing the same benefits to the table:

Feature Company

LiteLink Technologies Inc. (CSE:LLT)
Mkt Cap: CAD $28.42 million
LiteLink’s goal is to put transparency back into software, allowing users everywhere to cut out middlemen, while saving margins in the process. The vast array of features on the company’s signature 1Shift product outweigh their competitors. By focusing on a load management system, rather than a full transportation management system. The block-chain based logistics software is designed to enable trustless interfacing between shippers, truckers, and 3PL companies.

Positive Comparables

Convoy (Private)
Mkt Cap: More than $1 Billion 
Convoy’s valuation crossed $1 billion, after receiving significant investment from Alphabet Inc. in September 2018. The Seattle-based company was founded in 2015, and connects shippers with nearby carriers in order to book jobs in real time. Total funding to date is $265.5 million.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: JBHT)
Mkt Cap: $11.881 billion
JB Hunt is the second largest trucking company in the United States with more than 100,000 trailers, over 12,000 tractors, and employs 22,000 people. Due to its large size, JB Hunt has a lot to offer truckers and shippers with their new 360 app. While not as fancy as many others in the space, the advantage of the 360 app comes from sheer load volume.

Uber Freight
Mkt Cap: Private
Taking the popular Uber app’s algorithm, Uber Freight books freight by pricing out routes, and allows companies to pay for shipping through the app. Given the name notoriety, Uber has attracted small carriers, individual truckers and owner-operators to pick up freight and run their business.

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHRW)
Mkt Cap: $12.21 billion
This massive 3PL has created two apps to help its carriers: a fleet management app; and an app for drivers. C.H. Robinson offers what they call their Carrier Advantage Program, but the rewards for carriers that haul with them regularly are not very significant. What they offer are slightly lower fees for quickpay, getting access to loads sooner than others. The company is more focused on being a regular 3PL, rather than a digital freight broker (DFB).


Top 5 Reasons Why LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) Is The One To Watch:

  • 1
    1Shift Provides Real Solutions: Delays, disputes, and other headaches are causing major economic repercussions that are passed on to the consumer. LiteLink’s system enables trustless interfacing between shippers, truckers, and 3PLs.
  • 2
    Logistics is HUGE Money: With one of the most advanced platforms in 1Shift, LiteLink Technologies Inc. CSE:LLT is aiming for a 1% market share of the massive $195.8 billion annual 3PL market.
  • 3

    The Most Comprehensive Logistics Solution Available: Scanning over the comprehensive features list for 1Shift versus its competitors shows it’s not even close. Users gravitate to platforms that are easy-to-use, affordable to integrate, and that increase their margins.

  • 4
    Rockstar Management Team & Advisory Board: Led by technology product heavyweight, CEO Ashik Karim, LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) has amassed a top-tier team to oversee its growth. Beyond the management team is also a Logistics Executive Advisory Team that includes Gary Sooch, Tyson Smith, and Gurj Basi, who bring an array of experience across the logistics industry with some of the sector’s biggest players.
  • 5
    Investors Pouring Millions Into Logistics Startups: When the market is throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at platforms like Convoy and Trucker Path, it’s becoming apparent that LiteLink Technologies (CSE:LLT) has the tools to attract similar attention, and a strategy to grow to hundreds of millions in revenue by 2023.

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