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Bitcoin Trading in Compact Range, Bollinger Bands Getting Tighter Than Ever

Bitcoin’s Bollinger Bands (BBands) are getting tighter than ever — BTC has only expressed this type of behavior a few times since 2012. A major move might be coming, although it remains unclear whether BTC will sharply rise or spiral down.

Bitcoin has been expressing some rather strange behavior, considering its usual sharp drops and rises. For the past week, its price remained extremely stable, mostly closing between $10,100 on the lower side and $10,400 on the upper side.

As many are undoubtedly aware of, Bitcoin does not often express this much stability, and it doesn’t really like it, either. Its BBands have been extremely tight, which has happened a few times this year. The most notable examples happened in March and April of this year, right before an entire series of surges that took it all the way up to nearly $14,000 per coin.

How Bollinger Bands Measure Bitcoin Price

Bollinger Bands are a popular method of measuring and predicting Bitcoin’s volatility. This method was created in 1980 by John Bollinger, an American technical analyst and asset manager.

Simply put, Bollinger Bands are defined as three lines, plotted over the prices of a certain asset to measure volatility. Depending on volatility, the difference between the upper and lower band tends to narrow or widen — and the wider the bands are, the more volatility there is at the time. In recent days, the bands have been unnaturally close, at least when it comes to Bitcoin.

This could potentially mean that BTC will soon see a sharp move, although whether this change will take its price up or down still remains to be seen.

What to Expect Next?

Historically, Bitcoin’s price often grows as the year progresses — the closer the year comes to its end, the sharper the growth (usually). Many view the current situation as the quiet before the storm, and judging from the past — this is probably right.

At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $10,370 and has shown extreme stability over the past weekend.

While it remains unknown what will happen, the chances are that a big change is going to arrive in the next several days, and Bitcoin community members will need to keep a close eye on the situation, as this period of stability might end at any time.

What do you think about Bitcoin’s recent performance? Where do you expect the price to go? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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