Blockchain Phone | Sirin Labs Finney Device Ready for Shipping

Sirin Labs’ blockchain phone is expected to begin shipping in late December, it was announced today. The phone’s final design was unveiled at an event in Barcelona.

Sirin Labs’ Blockchain Phone

Dubbed ‘Finney,’ the blockchain phone promises to advance the user experience of decentralized apps, or dApps.

The blockchain phone was developed off the back of an initial coin offering in which Sirin Labs raised $157 million earlier this year. However, it’s wondered if the creation of Finney is an example of putting the cart before the horse, as there simply are not that many dApps available for its users.

It is not yet known if the user experience is an issue of the decentralized web.

The company’s chief marketing officer, Nimrod May, said the phone will ship sometime between December 5th and 15th.

Sirin has partnered with one of the top electronics manufacturers in the world, Foxconn, to produce the device.

Ordering the Finney Blockchain Phone

The phone is priced at a hefty $999 and can only be pre-ordered by Sirin token (SRN) holders. Once the phone is officially live, then other payment options will open up for buyers.

If buying the phone using SRN, then cost will depend on the price of SRN on the day of purchase, so buyers are being warned on this. The token has ranged anywhere between $0.06 and $0.18 in the last three months for example.

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Other Blockchain Phone Competitors

Finney has spurred on competition from bigger companies. HTC is currently developing a crypto-based phone and, new to the sector, Pundi X is also in the development stages of its pioneering blockchain device.

Nimrod May is confident that the blockchain phone will sell over 100,000 units in its first year.

As the phone is designed to carry around cryptocurrency, security is a big feature of the device. As such, it has its own cold storage wallet built in and is described by May as “a second device in the same housing as the phone.” It will have a separate processor and its own LCD screen, in which the user will input their seed phrase.

Will you be purchasing the Finney blockchain phone?

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