Cellebrite may have found a way to unlock iPhones under iOS 11

According to a Forbes report, the Israeli company Cellebrite is now able to unlock some very recent iPhones. Cellebrite is a well-known company that sells forensic tools to extract data from locked devices.

While early versions of iOS were not really secure, this has changed a lot in recent years. All iOS devices now come with a secure environment, all data is encrypted if you use an access code and there are several security controls when you start and use your device.

In other words, if you do not have the password, you will have trouble getting your hands on the device data. Many companies are trying to find vulnerabilities to unlock mobile devices. It has become a lucrative industry as intelligence agencies often pay forensic companies to unlock mobile devices.

Medico-legal methods often lag behind. For example, it is quite easy to find a device to unlock an iPhone 6 running iOS 8. But if the report of Forbes and Cellebrite are correct, governments can now pay Cellebrite to unlock an iPhone 8 running iOS 11. It should also be noted that Cellebrite can also unlock recent Android devices.

It is not known if this works with the latest version of iOS 11 (11.2.6) or only the version of the operating system that was available in September (11.0). It’s also hard to know if it works with all iOS devices or if it only works with certain devices. Forbes has found a warrant that mentions an unlocked iPhone X.

This is a game of cat and mouse, and Apple engineers are probably working hard to fix any vulnerabilities they may find. As always, if you do not want to let the authorities read your personal data, you must keep your devices up to date.

In addition to the new features, security patches protect you against the most common attacks. And malicious hackers could use the same vulnerabilities against you.

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