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Computer Science Guru David Gelernter Plans to Create Blockchain-based Facebook Alternative

Recently, David Gelernter announced his plans to work on a new blockchain project ‘Revolution Populi’ in an attempt to displace Facebook. Gelernter is the founder of ‘Mirror Worlds,’ as well as a noted computer science professor, and author.

Facebook may soon have some competition on its hands. Computer scientist David Gelernter has just unveiled his plans to create a new rival platform called “Revolution Populi.” It will be a social media platform which prioritizes individual data ownership and democratic decision-making.

Introducing ‘Revolution Populi’

For Gelernter, the idea came naturally. It’s a chance to really take action against what he sees as the centralization of the internet. “Who owns the cyber landscape? Do we all own it, or do five incredibly rich people in California?” he tells Wired.

Currently, Revolution Populi is still just getting started with four men taking the title of ‘co-founder.’ Gelernter has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. For example, he was a pioneer in the field of parallel computing and data mining. He also firmly believes that future technologies will be largely dependent on design; in short, they need to boost our capacity for human interaction, not isolate us in little pockets online.

What Gelernter is proposing is essentially a “new public square.” The rules for the platform will be based on the US Constitution and can only be changed by a vote held by the platform’s users. It’s also intended to support various dApps. Only users will be able to own and sell their own data. In short, it’s intended to be the ultimate anti-Facebook platform.

Token Sale Planned

How will all this be funded? Through an ICO, says Gelernter. A token sale will be used to raise money and will later be traded on an exchange.

However, it’s still in its infancy in terms of planning. “Maybe we’ll go wrong; maybe it’ll be 16 old guys in Pittsburgh who run the whole thing,” Gelernter jokes. He invites the public to get involved, which is what will ultimately push Revolution Populi forward. It’s a platform being designed from the ground up.

Despite the tremendous challenges, Gelernter firmly believes this dream can become a reality. “Five years from now, there are going to be well-established Facebook competitors of the sort that don’t exist now. They need to exist; they will exist.” It’s this thinking that has led him to create Revolution Populi.

To think that Facebook will never have competitors is foolish. It’s on these grounds that Gelernter hopes that his platform will be Facebook’s first major competitor out of many to come.

Do you believe that Facebook will face persistent competition from other platforms in the future? Let us know your thoughts below. 

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