Crypto AM Sets Sail as Crypto Coast’s Educational Oar

Wednesday 28th February saw the inaugural release of Crypto AM, a fortnightly magazine show. As the educational oar of the newly-launched Crypto Coast, Crypto AM sets sail to become the leader in demystifying the world of crypto and blockchain as we envision a world where this complex industry is understood by the masses.

In lay terms we explain what exactly this revolutionary technology could potentially mean to everyday living. We do this through discussing topics that are familiar to most of us and we see how applying blockchain technology could improve the industries that surround them.

Each episode is dedicated to a particular industry. Reuben Godfrey, co-founder of Crypto Coast, is often asked to explain blockchain technology. For the layperson to understand the complexity of blockchain, Reuben uses coffee as a relatable industry which can benefit from the technology’s application. With Shane and Cillian of Moyee Fair Chain Coffee being natives of Ireland, it was a no-brainer to start the show with coffee taking center stage.

Crypto AM is distinguished by its unrivaled team of academics, entrepreneurs, investors, ICO advisors, coders, researchers, philosophers and journalists, sharing opinions that are both sound and unbiased. It is the most comprehensive show ever to be made within the crypto and blockchain sector.

To foster audience engagement, Crypto Am has a variety of segments: panel discussions, the latest news, market analysis, ICO reviews and a look at some of the biggest worldwide industry events from roaming correspondents.

An episode is published every second Wednesday of the month at 7pm GMT and 2pm EST on Crypto Am Youtube channel.

Upcoming episodes will focus on money, health, happiness, family and love.

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