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Cryptocurrency Girls Return with an NFT-themed Music Video

Cryptocurrency Girls Return with an NFT-themed Music Video

Cryptocurrency Girls Return with an NFT-themed Music Video 101
Source: A video screenshot, Youtube/ 仮想通貨少女 Cryptocurrency Girls

If you were thinking that the crypto sector is getting too serious and needs a touch of levity to lighten the mood, you’re in luck. The anarchic all-female Japanese J-pop group the Cryptocurrency Girls have returned – with a typically zany song, this time all about non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The group made the headlines in Japan and elsewhere on the eve of the crypto winter of 2018, wearing symbols representing major tokens like bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) and binance coin (BNB) – and getting paid by their talent agency in cryptoassets, refusing fiat yen payments.

Since their headline-grabbing 2018 debut, though, things have gone a little quiet for the group. But the latest comeback attempts to set all that to rights – with Japanese and English versions of a song entitled “NFT The World.”

The song and the group itself are the brainchild of the Cinderella Academy agency, which is (wait for it…) going to release a set of Cryptocurrency Girls-themed NFTs next month.

According to a Cinderella press release, the video tells the story of the group being sent back in time to Japan during the Edo period (1608-1867), where they must use NFTs and crypto to save the inhabitants of a town from peril. Or something like that.

The NFTs in question feature eight Edo period Ukiyoe-style artworks, each featuring a different member of the group. You can also buy an NFT of the original Japanese music video and a similar token for the English version. Or you could just watch it on YouTube for free. Whatever tickles your fancy.

In the song, the girls take a valiant stab at explaining what an NFT is, crooning:

“NFT means one and only digital data in the world/
Nobody can copy and nobody and change/
‘Cause blockchain technology is based in it.”


They also make musical note of the fact that “artists get royalties whenever someone buys NFTs.”

However, the girls also go on to warn:

“But you must be very careful when you want to buy/
There’s no guarantee after getting data/
Even if it’s a fake.”

Their advice? “Make sure to check out social networks and official websites!”

On the group’s official website, the girls (or their PR managers) explained:

“We wanted to convey not only the advantages of NFTs but also the disadvantages [with the new song]. Moreover, we want to promote and support the fact that this is a form of technology that can create a wonderful future in the entertainment world. We are still on the learning curve, but we will study hard every day and do our best to help you. Thank you!”

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