Delta Exchange: A Truly Trader Centric Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange


The unprecedented cryptocurrency boom has paved way for scores of cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges across the world. But unfortunately not many can claim to be truly trader centric derivatives exchange as they fail to fulfill the required standards. Therefore, trader centric cryptocurrency derivatives are indeed a rare entity. Today one of these rare entities that is making all the right noises in this minuscule world is Delta Exchange.

In incredibly short span of time, Delta Exchange has managed to win the confidence of global investors for apparently all the right reasons. These right reasons have lot to do with several unique features that Delta Exchange offers to the global traders. Many of these features are not offered by other exchanges, making this particular exchange a rare breed and rightly a new sought after derivative exchange among the investors.

Let us explore these features in great detail and find out the reasons for Delta Exchange’s rapidly increasing popularity.

100x leveraged trading: Although leverage varies from contract-to-contract, traders can expect 100x leverage across all contracts. This is lot higher than what other exchanges have to offer. Therefore, Delta Exchange investors have the privilege of gaining greater exposure to the market without having to bear higher capital investment risk.

High Liquidity: Even during the most volatile and adverse market conditions, Delta Exchange traders will never have to worry about the liquidity problem. They are assured of easy access to liquidity 24/7 and 365 days.

Only exchange that offers Quanto futures: Now this is one feature that makes Delta Exchange a cut above the rest. That’s because this is the only cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that offers the option of Quanto futures. Delta Exchange’s Quanto futures allow traders to settle their Bitcoin(BTC), Ether(ETH) and Ripple (XRP) futures in USDC(Stablecoin) and thereby shield them from the risk of price fluctuations in BTC.

Lower trading fees: Trading fees differ from contract-to-contract but they are again lot lower than average minimal fees charged by other exchanges. Prospective traders can click here to know about Delta Exchange trading fees.

Start trading in blink of an eye: Now this is no exaggeration. On Delta Exchange, traders are just minutes away from making their grand debut. Simply click on ‘Register’ and insert your e-mail address along with other details and you are done. This simple process doesn’t take longer than one minute to get traders right into heart of the market.

Mock Trading platform: You may be little inexperienced in cryptocurrency trading but this won’t hinder you from trading on Delta Exchange. This is all thanks to the inbuilt mock trading platform. It works just like the real one and gives first time traders much needed exposure to all the important aspects of trading on this platform.

Trading Pairs: On Delta Exchange, your trading options can go easily beyond bitcoin. This is obviously all thanks to a variety of trading pairs available on this platform. Below is the list of trading pair options available on this platform.

– BTC-USD Futures: Quoted in USD and settled in BTC
– BTC-USDQ Futures: Quoted in USD and settled in USDC
– ETH-USDQ Futures: Quoted in USD and settled in USDC
– XRP-USDQ Futures: Quoted in USD and settled in USDC
– XLM- BTC Futures: Quoted in BTC and settled in BTC

Referral Program that is simply too good: Delta Exchange’s referral program can only be termed as immensely lucrative. Existing traders stand the chance of earning handsome 25% of trading fees as a commission on every successful referral for 1 year and 10% for lifetime. The commission is paid to them in whatever token/ cryptocurrency the trading fee was paid by the referred user.

The referred user gets 15% discount in trading fees for 6 months. Traders can enroll anyone through referral program including friends, acquaintances and distant relatives.

Reliable founders and advisory team: Delta Exchange’s founders can easily be described as best and brightest minds in the world. All three co- founders Pankaj Balani, Jitender Tokas and Saurabh Goyal are proud IIT graduates and bring along with them the rich experience of working in big financial giants and building successful startups that have raised funds worth millions of dollars.

Together they have put in place a world class advisory team possessing in-depth and unsurpassed knowledge about the global financial and cryptocurrency industry. Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry, who is also on the advisory board of Stellar Lumens is part of the advisory team. Stani Kulechov, CEO ETHLend, is also a part of the advisory board.

Drawbacks & Disadvantages :

No matter how good your product or platform is, it always has some room for improvement. Not surprisingly then Delta Exchange too has some weak points in its kitty.

● Only (BTC) is currently allowed to deposit in the Delta Exchange’s wallet. Although BTC is the most popular cryptocurrency, this rule essentially limits user’s from transferring other cryptocurrencies.

● Margin trading may offer many benefits but also involves high level of risk. If you are new to margin trading then we recommend that you read this great article explaining crypto margin and futures trading basics.

With few drawbacks and too many awesome features, Delta Exchange passes our litmus test with flying colors. Unique features like quanto futures, high liquidity and 100x leveraged trading make Delta Exchange one of its kind derivatives cryptocurrency exchanges. With its trader centric approach, it is certainly one of the few exchanges that put traders in the driving seat. And rightly so, it has rightfully earned the coveted status of being a truly trader centric exchange in our books.

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