Dyson’s new Pure Cool fans are better for purifying and communicating

Dyson has some new products that it is revealing today, including the latest Pure Cool purifier fan range. These fans are equipped with an integrated air purification technology, which can detect and eliminate pollutants, particulates and other harmful substances that we sometimes breathe. We probably should not breathe.

The new fans have a new built-in LCD that actually shows you a graph of what’s going on with your air directly on the device: Basically, if you know the previous Dyson purifiers, they’ve taken the Connect the items in the Dyson Link app and place them directly on the screen to no longer need to take your phone out of your pocket to see the effect of your purifier.

The information on the screen is updated in near real time – during a demonstration, a Dyson engineer simulated a pollen explosion with particulate dust and I watched the display tip to see it recognize the new material. as he pumped his purification game to eliminate the new problem.

The new purifier also features a new filter designed to be easier to replace and more efficient for trapping materials in the air. There is three times more active carbon in the new filter design, and a larger overall area of ​​the microfiber filter component that captures tiny polluting particles.

Dyson says that he also reinvented the test process, working in China to present their test method as a new standard that moves away from measuring the effectiveness of the purifier in a small space closed, and show how it will work in a more open room like the one we would encounter in the real world in someone ‘s house or apartment. According to Dyson, it is relatively easy to purify a small closed box, since you can recycle the already purified air and clean it every time. He hopes to introduce his more rigorous testing method into North American and other markets, and is also working with commodity standards bodies.

Dyson also changed the design by introducing a new mode that will push air backwards rather than forward, which has been specifically designed to address customer concerns about Use of the existing purifier during the winter. Customers turned their fans to the wall and shared this tip on social media, which led Dyson to decide to integrate it directly into the product.

Dyson machines will show you how your home evaluates both larger particles and VOCs, which will allow you to easily identify what could be the cause of your ultimate air quality problem. .

The new Dyson Pure Cool Tower is on sale for $ 549.99 ($ ​​649.99 CDN) and the desktop version costs $ 449.99 ($ ​​549.99 CDN).

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