Fake job portals cheated 27,000 job seekers, fraud of Rs 1.09 crore.

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Fake Job Portals Fraud Rs 1.09 Crore

After the cyber cell of Delhi Police caught five criminals on Thursday, a job portal running in the name of Union Health Ministry cheated them by registering at least 27,000 applicants with a fee of around Rs 1.09 crore a month.

Fake Job Portals Fraud Rs 1.09 Crore
Fake Job Portals Fraud Rs 1.09 Crore

On a larger scale, the police said that this fraud is at the top of the biggest job-providing fraud ever.

Police said that since the portal created by the mastermind conducting online recruitment exams for government and private agencies, they had personal data of job seekers for whom they had targeted messages of job offers to all job seekers. Were sent to

In a month, the gang allegedly sent 1.5 million SMSes with links to two fraudulent websites for 13,000 job registrations, including accountants, data entry operators, nursing and ambulance drivers.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber ​​Cell) Anish Roy said

“The websites were designed in such an easy way that some news and job information portals believed that these websites were genuine. They started increasing the news of these fake jobs”.

Fake Job Portals Fraud Website Name

Roy said that the two fake websites operated by the gang were www.sajks.org and www.sajks.com.

And both websites mentioned that they were under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

SAJKS stood for Swastha Avan Jan Kalyan Sansthan. When HT tried to access both of those websites on Thursday, neither of the two websites was running.

The crime came to light last month when an applicant decided to approach the Delhi Police with a complaint that he paid Rs 500 as a registration fee, after which he received no response.

Fake Job Portals Fraud Website Applicants Fee

Roy said that since the registration fee was only between Rs 100 and Rs 500, the fraudsters believed that no applicants would complain about such a low fee.

The police registered the case and began collecting clues of the suspects’ digital footprint and money scams.

The investigation has revealed that a bank account was opened in Hisar district of Haryana in Health Senchester, which was a fake website.

Fake Job Portals Suspects Arrest

“Soon, we came to know that the money deposited in this account by the job applicants was being withdrawn from the ATM every day. “We laid a trap at one such ATM in Hisar on Tuesday and caught a suspect red-handed while he was extorting money,” Roy said.

job vacancies
job vacancies

The officer said that the role of a 27-year-old suspect named Amandeep Khetri was only to withdraw money and distribute it to the gang members.

Authorities, with the support of Amandeep Khetri, arrested four more people.

According to the police, those caught included two website designers Sandeep and Joginder Singh, the bank account holder Surendra Singh and mastermind Ramdhari.

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Fake website busted at Delhi Airport.

Delhi Police has registered a case after Delhi International Airport operator filed a fake website complaint about an advertisement for jobs at the airport and asked the applicants to pay Rs 1,000 as a nomination fee.

“The fraudsters published fake advertisements related to various job openings and job offers in the GMR group on their careers page with the provision of collecting Rs 1000 as application fee through an online payment mode.

Two thousand two hundred job vacancies were published on the fake website.

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