‘Google Chrome Kaleidoscope’ Is In Testing Phase For Its Video Streaming Services

‘Google Chrome Kaleidoscope’ Is In Testing Phase For Its Video Streaming Services
'Google Chrome Kaleidoscope' Is In Testing Phase For Its Video Streaming Services

Google is on the testing phase of its new video streaming services called “Chrome Kaleidoscope”.

Google needs to make it simpler for you to stream all your OTT content in one spot. In case you’re somebody who uses Google Chrome to stream content, and from various platforms, it should get more straightforward soon with another video streaming services called “Chrome Kaleidoscope“.

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google chrome Kaleidoscope


Google is at present testing this element on the Canary adaptation of Chrome, as spotted by Chrome Story. Anybody trying out Google Chrome on Canary can look at the new undertaking through Chrome://kaleidoscope/.




Recorded on the site for the time being are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar. Choosing all the three organizations opens another page, which says, “Keep viewing over the entirety of your gadgets.” The page is clear for the time being, and nothing works other than that message.

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Be that as it may, this demonstrates Kaleidoscope will synchronize these stages with different gadgets so clients can keep viewing on any gadget. The blog refers to Disney+ Hotstar, which implies that it could dispatch in India and different markets.

Google Chrome Form

The component is in trying, and there’s no word on when Google will turn this out to its steady Chrome form. Be that as it may, this would be a great element, particularly for the people who use Chrome to stream content.

Google tests include on its beta channels, and clients can give them a shot too. In any case, this one appears genuinely right off the bat being developed with just its reality known for the present. More subtleties are required to be out soon.

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