“Green Dream Team Alliance” a shot at fighting Global Warming & Climate Change


CurrencyTimes : GreenHashes is an ambitious project targeting $1 Billion, for Sustainable Development & Conservation of Earth through Carbon Capture, Reforestation & use of 100% Renewable Energies along with innovative efficient mining farm design for Cryptocurrency Mining.

GreenHashes is building an International Alliance called: “Green Dream Team Alliance” of Nations which are ready to take more practical approach towards Global Warming & Climate Change. All members of the Alliance will commit to contributing Funds, Resources, Regulatory & Legal Support required for execution of the Project: GreenHashes.

GreenHashes will also launch a Blockchain based Secure Carbon Credits Trading System using which Carbon Credits generated by them can be traded for Government use or Local Industry as well. For this they are seeking Financial & Regulatory support from multiple Governments.

The team is currently raising funds for this beautiful project. To reach their funding goal, they are targeting tie ups / partnerships with Governments, Companies, Institutional Investors & soon will start:-
1) Planting 28,000 Trees per day
2) Capturing 100 Tons of CO2 per day
3) Mining 1 Block of Bitcoin per day

Kanchan Satwik, CFO of GreenHashes says: “We have already sold over 3 Million GH & now looking for strong support from Institutional Investors.

This will help us operate & partner with different Governments for Research & Development along with starting of the Carbon Capture (Absorption of CO2 from Atmosphere) in different cities. They also want to build tie ups for large scale Reforestation Projects. “

GreenHashes CEO, Kanchan Kulkarni says: “We can help Governments in reaching their Sustainable Development & Climate Goals while generating new Jobs, Carbon Credits, Revenues from different Green Products, Cleaning Air & improving Quality of Life for the Citizens.

If we get to work with maximum number of Countries & allowed to do this the right way, we can actually put our Member Countries on the World Map as the Key Players in Climate Change, Carbon Credits & Cryptocurrencies : The three domains about to grow exponentially in the coming decades…!”