How to Become the Owner of Bitcoin? SIP Investment Can Make a Profit in Bitcoin

How to Become the Owner of Bitcoin? SIP Investment Can Make a Profit in Bitcoin
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How to Become the Owner of Bitcoin? SIP Investment Can Make a Profit in Bitcoin

Bitcoin price has crossed $ 12000, and Ethereum is also reaching near $ 500, so many small investors or those who have very little money to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum consider it like a dream.

Often, people write to us on Twitter that for us, it is like a lollipop; that is, they are happy to see that the price of crypto is going up, but they are disappointed because they do not have an investment.

The plan is telling you that by adopting the right way, you can also become the owner of Bitcoin and Ethereum, that too with very little investment and this plan is called SIP Systematic Investment Plan i.e., a scheme where you with minimal but continuous investment You can become the owner of big crypto.

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Apart from this, there are other ways that you can also become the owner of bitcoin and Ethereum by doing it correctly.

First of all, you have to understand that the number of bitcoins is fixed; that is, it is limited to only 2 crores 10 lakhs, and about 30 percent of this bitcoin has been locked forever according to an estimate. Now the remaining bitcoins and mining You understand how you can become an owner with the Bitcoin.

For this, the first thing you have to see is whether you can invest every week in 15 days or one month? Suppose you get Rs. 2000 every month. You can invest 50% of this in Bitcoin and the remaining 50% and 25% Ethereum and the remaining 25% in a fair AltCoin. You have to take care that one of your 50% is in Bitcoin. You can change the remaining 50% according to the situation.

It means that if you get a good knowledge of an altcoin in the market and you feel that the investment in it is right, then you invest the remaining 50% in it. And make a good profit by selling it, you can convert it to bitcoin, it will help you to increase the holding of bitcoin more.

Be very careful while investing in AltCoin and never invest all your 50% in a single Alt and, at the same time, convert it to Bitcoin as soon as you get a good profit. To collect information. There are big fluctuations in the market, and if you have the right information, you can also make a profit by converting your bitcoin to USDT at the right time. Let’s say that you invested 50,000 from SIP.

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You have done bitcoin, and you have 0.05 bitcoin, now you know that the price of bitcoin is going to fall, then you convert your bitcoin to USDT. Now suppose you have 650 USDT and bitcoin has broken 1000 dollars, you are here. Repurchase it has two advantages; one is that your loss has been saved, and because you bought bitcoin at a lower price, then you have a holding of bitcoin.05 will be more than bitcoin.

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In this way also you can increase the holding of bitcoin. Remember one thing that bitcoin is a precious investment, and people start many schemes to cheat it, not you Have to crop and do not put your bitcoins in any MLM scheme.

Investing in Alt should also be done through a lot of scrutinies. Today new project tokens and coins come in the crypto market, and people talk big about them but invest only after full knowledge.

There are many blockchains based outstanding tokens. Make sure that you know about the long-term investments that can be held for a long time. You don’t need to make a big investment, but you must make small investments for a long time. There is no doubt about the future of Bitcoin.

Make sure to make some right alt as part of your investment. Always remember one thing that does not take loans, borrowings, or invest capital that is very important for you, such as your child’s fees of 20 thousand rupees next month. Or house rent is needed, and someone tells you that investing in crypto can make a big profit in just one month, don’t forget this risk because it can get you into trouble.

Keep these things in mind, small investment and constant investment can make you the Bitcoin and Ethereum.