How To Do Live Blogging & Show Live Score on Website

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How to do live blogging on your website, as you know, many websites show live scores on their posts and do live commentary.

So how do they do all these things, this blog is about this, and the functionality described in this blog will work on all types of websites, whether it is on WordPress or Html, PHP, laravel, etc.

Read this article in full if you want to know how to do live blogging on your website.

First of all, you have to register an account on a website called this website provides all these kinds of functionality, So first of all, register your account on it, and we have to work with a free plan in it. If you have a profitable business, then you can also go with a paid plan.

how to do live blogging

After registering the account. They will be asked about Your website, what the website is about, and choose your area from there.

Then comes the job of creating an event. You have to click on create a new event.

After that, they will ask about your event, from which you have to select your category such as sports, news, tech, etc.

After choosing the type, you will be asked whether you want to link your social media account so that all your updates will be shared automatically on social media. You have to click on the auto-post given below and then next.

In this section comes essential work. You have to fill all the details of your events carefully as if

  • Event title
  • Event status
  • Event location
  • Date and time of the event
  • Small event description
  • Event language
show live score

You have to fill all this carefully, and if you want, you can create your event by watching the video given below and learn how to do live blogging.

In the next step that comes, you will get two options:

 1. You want to enable comments on your post so that people can comment on your posts.

 2. You can enable live chat on your post

After this comes the option of monetization in which you can integrate your Google Adsense to earn with live blogging.

AMP Code and WordPress Plugin

To be done after. And you will get a code which you have to go to any website and update it in the post section; if your website supports AMP, then you will get another code for AMP, which you will get by clicking on the others tab and if your website is on WordPress Then you can use the plugin.

Plugin Link:

After doing all of this, you have to click on start posting, and an editor will open in front of you from where you have to post, and you can also update the scores.

You will not need to edit your post by opening the website again and again. You can edit the post from this website, and every post will be updated automatically without reloading.

In the following video, you will get complete tutorials for How to do live blogging.

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