Ibinex Became First Ever Licensed Virtual Exchange and User Account Processor

CurrencyTimes : Cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms have become attractive for the investors worldwide. It is a new method of financial investments producing reasonable profits for the traders. No doubt, it is better than traditional financing and investment techniques, but it is risky because of the security threats. Security is taken as a prime point in the field of cryptocurrency sector. Whether it is an exchange or a trader, everyone wants to be in a safe place.

Ibinex is proud to claim its status as a most trusted exchange developer in the world. The management of this platform has started to offer a wide range of fund investment, transfer, and processing services. According to Daniel Sachs, who is the Chief Technology Officer at Ibinex, it is very tough to encourage someone to invest funds in a cryptocurrency exchange without mentioning the security technologies.

“We are regularly working on security aspects, and we have achieved great success in implementing the best SSL security features, encryption technologies, and others,” claimed by Daniel.

Traders who commonly use the cryptocurrency exchanges know the importance of SSL security features. The weak links are circulating the digital currency sector. Many cases of hacking and theft have been reported so far. However, Ibinex successfully managed to escape all these threats. Daniel further added that it is the combination of modern security features and technologies which helped crypto exchanges to survive the latest threats and challenges.

In a press conference chaired by Simon Grunfeld, CEO of Ibinex, Daniel explained to reporters that financial regulations implemented by governments and other responsible authorities had been reviewed thoroughly. “We are interested in working with the responsible authorities to ensure the protection of the funds people deposited with us” he added. Exchanges can make modern security features more natural to understand. On the same page, Ibinex looks forward to bring improved cold wallets for the protection of crypto-based funds.

Security and Information:
Ibinex provides 24/7 services to ensure the protection of the digital funds. Cold wallets have been introduced for this purpose. “Because of the highest success rate and appreciation by the exchanges, we are moving towards the improved Cyber Security Systems” claimed by Daniel.

Safety and security of the digital funds are only possible when users of exchange accounts get maximum control with multiple-fold setups. For example, the 2-way verification system which is commonly used in the crypto exchange sector is playing a significant role to ensure the security of funds. Daniel, who is responsible for the technologies being used at Ibinex seems dedicated to bringing new ideas and options to maintain the status of crypto exchanges.

Users at Ibinex get full access to the security and safety options being used by its team. Traders can learn more about the protection measures and SSL security systems to see how this platform is the best.

Loren Smith
Loren has an MA in Science journalism and has worked for the BBC for the past 18 months, She has an honors degree in Anatomical and Physiological sciences and a passion for news media and had articles published in New Scientist

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