Investx stabilizes Token by adopting Holo’s Ethical ICO model


Sportsfix ICO

Investx announced that its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) follows the ethical ICO model, a set of principles that both reduce the risk for potential investors and maximises long-term token value.

Peter Edgar, CEO of Investx said: “Investx is an established business of many years, we wanted to differentiate our ICO by openly committing to ethical ICO principles. These are steps we’ve taken to stabilise the token, lay foundations for future growth, and commit to transparency that holds us accountable to token holders.”

The ethical ICO model was first conceived by Holo, which completed the first successful ethical ICO in April 2018. The company raised $20 million to fund its distributed computing platform. Holo Director, David Atkinson, has joined Investx as an advisor, and part of his role has been to assist the development of the ethical ICO model for Investx.

David Atkinson, said: “ICO investors are looking for something extra these days – honesty, openness, accountability and moderation. When we conceived the ethical ICO model for Holo, it was about giving investors assurances that we would keep to these principles. As a result, we have built a strong community which has backed Holo and Holochain for long-term success.”

Investx will be holding an initial coin offering in Q4 2018 and is currently seeking investors for its private sale.

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