Microsoft will Buy Tiktok : Tiktok will back in India

You are currently viewing Microsoft will Buy Tiktok : Tiktok will back in India
Microsoft will Buy Tiktok : Tiktok will back in India

Microsoft will Buy Tiktok: Tiktok will back in India

Microsoft TikTok deal: For some time, the latest information about the Microsoft Tiktok deal is continually coming out. It was believed that this deal would have been completed this week, but due to Trump’s aggressive attitude, this deal could not be done.

The news that is coming now may be good news for 200 million (200 million) registered users of Tiktok in India. Tiktok may be operational in India in the coming days. The government had recently banned 59 Chinese apps, including Tiktok.

Microsoft Buy Tiktok
Microsoft will Buy Tiktok: Tiktok will back in India

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Microsoft’s eye on global business

According to the Currency Times report, Microsoft is trying to buy the entire global market of Tiktok. Tiktok India Business is believed to be worth close to $ 10 billion. Last Sunday, a statement was issued by Microsoft regarding this deal. The report said that it was in talks with Tiktok’s parent company ByteDance to purchase its US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand businesses.

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Continued Conversation with Bytdance

Currency Times report said that since that time, Microsoft has been negotiating with Bytdans towards a plan to buy Tiktok’s global business. Tiktok does not operate in China. Bytdance launched a second app for China like Tiktok. Microsoft is not thinking of buying it.

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200 million registered users

TikTok’s India business, it is the company’s largest market. According to Sensor Tower data, it has been downloaded 650 million (65 million) times in India, while 200 million (200 million) are registered users. The government banned it in late June.

ByteDance suffered a major setback and

it is a significant setback for ByteDance, and the company wants to overcome this setback. According to the report, after the deal with Microsoft, the Chinese app will be removed, and Tiktok will start in India again. The report also said that Microsoft wants to buy Tiktok’s Indian business, but ByteDans can also sell it to foreign or local buyers.

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