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The much anticipated HTER pre-sale Phase is finally here

Bio Gen International business company has broken the secret behind a longer life. Through the project BIOGEN, the company has collaborated with companies, scientists and molecular bio-medicine scientists to bring about a breakthrough.

What does the company seek to achieve?

In simple terms, the project seeks to solve the aging problem. This means people can now be able to live longer through the breakthrough.

Aging is associated to cell division. Telomeres get short when a cell divides. The more the division happens, the more the cells shorten. Later, the cells die. This process plays a huge role in aging.

An enzyme called telomerase is responsible for building and maintaining telomeres. It adds extra pieces of DNA on telomeres, hence preventing shortening when the cells divide.

In most cases, most of the scientific inventions involving human biology has been done first with mice. Everything that has worked on rats and mice has been found to work on humans. And that is why the methods to lengthen or avoid shortening of telomere have been done with rats. It has been proved safe to humans as it does not affect the other cell or health/human integrity.

And now the Initial Coin Offer for the project is out. At the beginning of March 2019, the company will be unveiling the pre-sale for the tokens.

Many people have been waiting to see what will come out of this project. This could be your chance to be part of something great.

The HTER Tokens

These are tokens compatible with ERC-20. They are built and distributed in the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is one of the major blockchain platforms that allows other developers to built there apps on.

HTER tokens are characterized by lack of right, use, purpose, attribute, functionality, implicit and do not have any limitations or use on the company. The distribution of the tokens to the buyers is yet to begin Match 1st as mentioned above. Once the process is done, the company will list it on the exchange platforms.

This means you can then transfer them on the Ethereum network. For this to happen, you would need an electronic wallet compatible with ERC20. You can use them when you register on the website for verification.

The Pre-Sale

The first phase of the token distribution took place between 1st Dec and 28th Feb 2019. This was a single phase that involved getting in touch with Icobench Carlo Buonpane and Naviin Kapoor.

Phase 2, which is the Pre-ICO phase begins Match 1st all through to Match 31st.  It is a 33.33% discount where the prices of the HTER token will be equivalent to 0.00045 Eth.

Token distribution

At the moment, 50% of the distributed token remains with the company. A total of 5 Billion tokens, known as HTER will be under distribution. This is how the division is done:

  • 55B will be for Bio Gen group of companies and stakeholders.
  • 450 Million tokens for executives, works and collaborators
  • 2000 Million for initial coin offering

Through the support of many investors, the soft cap has already been reached. This is a good sign for those willing to take part in the ICO to come.  There is a benefit in being part of the team that discovers a way to increase human life.


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