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Pornhub accepting Verge (XVG): The adult entertainment industry has taken a liking to cryptocurrency space. That’s not new information, though. In fact, we’ve known about the industry’s interest since the start of last month, when Play Enterprises disclosed that it would be creating an online crypto wallet. 

The latest in the adult entertainment sector to join the crypto industry, however, is Pornhub. By now, most of the masses are aware of the Pornhub accepting Verge as payment news circulating around. And considering Pornhub is one of the most trafficked websites in the world, there are bound to be some major waves made in both industries. 

Pornhub Moves into Crypto Space 

On Tuesday, news broke that Pornhub will now be accepting Verge (XVG), a cryptocurrency, as a form of payment. The announcement came in the form of a blog post, with the platform saying that its premium services will start to accept cryptocurrency Verge (XVG). Reportedly, there will be events in Silicon Valley and New York City to kick off Pornhubs latest venture. 

According to Corey Price, Pornhub VP, the partnership between Pornhub and Verge (XVG) is going to beneficial for the adult entertainment industry, as well as the cryptocurrency industry. Why? Well, Price says it’s because the adult entertainment sector has, in the past, played a defining role in the adoption of innovative technology. 

So now that the Pornhub accepting Verge as payment news has broke, what are people saying about the partnership? Let’s see what we can find out. 

The Market Reacts to Pornhub Accepting Verge 

It seems the marketplace agrees with VP Price’s thinking. One crypto analyst even tweeted that someone once told him to follow not only engineers but also the adult entertainment industry, as both will “tell you where things are going.” 

Meanwhile, others seem to be excited about Pornhub accepting Verge as payment as well. CryptoLion even tweeted that this partnership is going to take the crypto industry to another level. 

Not everyone is excited about the news, though. First off, I’m sure Playboy Enterprises isn’t, as it now has more competition in the integrated adult entertainment/crypto space. And then there are people who think that Pornhub moving into crypto is good news, but not that Pornhub made Verge (XVG) their choice of digital currency.

One Twitter user said Verge is “too scammy,” called the Pornhub and Verge partnership a “hard pass.”

The Pornhub x Verge Takeaway

What do you think about Pornhub accepting Verge as a form of payment? Will accepting Verge (XVG) change the crypto industry as we know it? Voice your opinions below. 

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