New Blockchain Project Diana Hopes To Tokenize Ownership of The Moon

New Blockchain Project Diana Hopes To Tokenize Ownership of The Moon

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Diana, a new blockchain project that hopes to tokenize and sell parts of the Moon, just went live on July 19, which was one day before the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, reports CoinTelegraph.

Tokenize the Moon

“Mankind’s first space blockchain registration system based on blockchain and distributed ledger technology,” reads the main page. It then describes some of the process of breaking up parts of the Moon and selling it to different participants. “The Moon is divided into 3,874,204,892 cells with a size of 9,790m²,” claims the webpage. From there, each “cell” is provided a 3-word address to help it stand out.

“Give the Moon to mankind,” the webpage continues, which is an interesting marketing term. It continues, saying that “the Moon is no longer an object of longing in imagination or myth. The Moon is the reality of mankind and the future as well as our join asset,” before asking users to register. It seems that the project wants to use a futuristic technology, blockchain, to get ahead of the game and tokenize our future, which is, hopefully, inhabiting the Moon.

As the publication reports, Diana’s whitepaper reveals how the project is possible. It quotes a space from the United Nations Outer Space Treaty, Article II:

“Outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means.”

Essentially, the group is exploiting a loophole in the Treaty. There’s nothing within that relates to owning the moon as a private party. Imagine that, the treaty doesn’t plan on a project breaking up parts of the moon and selling it off.

Interestingly, the project will work with ERC-20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. So, if you’re looking to get involved with the project, you might want to buy Ethereum sometime soon.

Michael is an editor at CurrencyTimes, with a background in energy and economics. He keeps an eye on Blockchain's applications in building smarter and more equitable energy access globally.

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