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New way to create return from Crowd Machine compute tokens

The operator of a solution for developing and running decentralized apps, called Crowd Machine, has revealed details of how Crowd Machine Compute Token owners (CMCT) will be able to gain a regular return from October on, for renting their tokens to Crowd Machine’s decentralized network, the Crowd Computer.

To date, Crowd Machine has released to market approximately 500 million Crowd Machine Compute Tokens (CMCT) as the ‘gas’ to pay for app execution on the Crowd Computer.

App owners buy CMCT to pay Crowd Machine to run their apps on the Crowd Computer. Crowd Machine pays Crowd Computer super nodes (Agoric Nodes) in CMCT to execute app activities on their network of worker nodes. Workers nodes (Activity Compute Nodes or ACNs) are set up by anyone with spare capacity on an internet-connected device, such as a mobile phone, laptop or desktop PC, to earn CMCT for running app activities in the background of normal operation.

To start generating income for running apps on the Crowd Computer, Agoric Nodes need a minimum operating reserve of CMCT, which can be rented from the pooling program. In exchange for contributing a set amount of their tokens to the pool, CMCT owners will receive a quarterly return.

Craig Sproule, CEO of Crowd Machine, said that the CMCT pooling program gives token holders an easy way to generate income from their tokens, and add more fuel to the Crowd Machine community busy creating, selling and running apps.

“Where an individual may not be in a financial position to provide sufficient CMCT to run an Agoric Node themselves, pooling still allows them to gain an income from their tokens”, Sproule said. “In decentralizing the technology that helps us run our lives, we’re democratizing the ability to generate wealth from the IT industry.”

CMCT owners are welcome to contribute from 1000 to 5 million CMCT to the pooling program, which is being limited to 200 million CMCT in the first year. Crowd Machine has a fixed supply of 2 billion CMCT, of which approximately 500 million has been released to market.

Wieke Beenen
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