Opera Releases Crypto-Friendly Browser for iOS


Opera has just launched the new Opera Touch for iPhone fans. Already available for desktop and Andriod users, the browser is known for being blockchain-friendly with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

The Opera Touch has now launched for iPhone users for the first time. Although already available for Andriod and PC users, the Opera Touch’s blockchain-friendly platform is finally on the iOS. 

Introducing the Opera Touch

What’s so special about the Opera Touch? For one, it is designed for what Opera calls the ‘Web 3.0.” Intended for decentralized applications, it is specifically linked to Ethereum. Many Ethereum users have been using MetaMask for some time now, usually as an extension on their browser. However, with Opera Touch, this is now built into the platform itself.

As per the release, the Touch supports all ERC-20 tokens, stablecoins, and digital collectibles on Ethereum (non-fungible tokens).

Starting today, iOS users can download Opera Touch from Apple’s App Store. DApps are immediately accessible upon release as well, so you can start loading up your Opera Ethereum wallet as soon as you download the app.

There are other features besides a cryptocurrency wallet and dApp support, however. For example, users can also access blockchain applications by typing its address directly as a URL. The browser also boasts a built-in virtual network intended to ensure privacy.

Brave browser

Competing with Brave?

It’s clear which direction Opera is going: they are trying to compete with Brave’s own browser. Focusing on security and crypto-accessibility, the Touch sounds an awful lot like Brave’s own browser. However, unlike Brave, Opera is expanding its platform to include a Metamask-like function to allow users to connect to the Ethereum network with ease. It seems that Brave does have some competition, not just from Opera but also from Mozilla. The browser is also reportedly beefing up its security measures as well.

Although the features of Opera Touch have been around for some time, they’re finally now available for iPhone users. After a long wait, iOS fans can now jump into decentralization.

Will you be using Opera Touch? Do you agree that it’s a competitor to Brave? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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