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Introducing a blockchain-based digital marketing solution that understands what customers want, what brands need & what smart cities are capable of.

We have entered a new era in commerce that is driven by people, centered on value and enabled by blockchain. Pingvalue is a human-centric open platform that redefines how commerce and society converge through an innovative socio-economic model.

Over the last few decades, mass marketing has turned shopping into an overwhelming chore and kept customers at an arm’s length from businesses.
Thanks to blockchain and smart cities, Pingvalue’s new approach to marketing forges lasting business-client relationships, boosts KYC potential and makes shopping fun again.

We trade mass marketing for meaningful messaging that reaches relevant audiences. With Pingvalue, marketing efforts look more like one-on-one connections between businesses and people.

Users earn rewards each time they share offers and experiences with their networks and receive recommendations that reflect their tastes, bringing value to every outing.

Businesses and customers benefit from targeted marketing. Businesses get measurable conversions, monetized WiFi, smart (GDPR-compliant) data and increased storefront traffic. People get a better customer experience.


Pingcoin is a multi-purpose utility token for consumers, companies, and institutions that raise the bar in frictionless, cost-effective transactions. All interactions on the platform – rewards, promotions, deals, purchases, and advertisements – are handled in Pingcoins.

Pingcoin is the currency that helps businesses to create more value for people.
As customers receive rewards for sharing offers and experiences, businesses can clearly measure which ones were shared most – turning Pingcoins into a value barometer.

The more that customers and businesses interact on the platform, the higher their Social and Trust Factors and the higher the value of their interactions/transactions. This organically increases the value of Pingcoins, which can operate alongside other cryptocurrencies and ICOs, also multiplying its usability and demand.

Unlike most ICOs, Pingcoin is being launched by an international company with an established product, 30-person team and four years in business.
Pingvalue is already supported by reputable organizations and institutions – Cisco, Grupo Lar, ICEX, etc. – that are helping turn its socio-economic vision into reality. Last year, Pingvalue was awarded the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission as a worthwhile investment, due to its innovative character and its potential to improve society.

The digital advertising revolution is only the first step in realizing our vision for industry 4.0 and future smart cities in which:

• Citizens are the protagonists
• Direct & transparent interactions/transactions are possible between all parties
• People are rewarded for their contributions to the development of the local society & economy

At Pingvalue, we never sit still, always working with partners, universities and tech centers to innovate and move closer to that vision.

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Molly Jane is a Russian Literature major from California with a background in writing. She joins CurrencyTimes after working as a freelance journalist and blogger.

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