PM Modi in Leh Ladakh Encouraging Indian Army, says time have changed

PM Modi in Leh Ladakh Encouraging Indian Army, says time have changed
PM Modi in Leh Ladakh Encouraging Indian Army, says time have changed

Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Leh, Ladakh this morning, weeks after Indian troops clashes in Galwan with the Chinese. He said when he was addressing Soldiers, “Your courage is higher than the heights where you are posted today.”

PM at Ladakh raises 10 Big Points and gave a direct message to China

PM Modi made a surprise visit in Ladakh this morning and interacted with troops days after the June 15 border dispute with China in which 20 soldiers were martyred.

“This is the age of development. The age of expansionism is over. History knows that expansionist forces have either lost or were forced to turn back,” he said.

10 developments in this big story:

1. He spoke to hundreds of soldiers seated at a distance from each other. Later, he delivered an address against the backdrop of the Zanskar mountains.

2.”Interacting with our brave armed forces personnel at Nimu,” The PM picked a place where a large number of soldiers could assemble safely, said officials.

3. According to the PMO, he was at a forward location in Nimu, at the height of 11,000 feet. He reached there early in the morning by chopper from Leh, along with Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and Army Chief MM Naravane.

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4. Personnel of the Army, Air Force, and ITBP were present for the interaction.

PM Modi also visited a hospital where several soldiers injured in the clash are recovering.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with soldiers injured in Galwan faceoff.

5. No party should engage in any activity that may heighten the situation at this point. India and China both countries are negotiating on dropping the heats through military and sensitive channels.

6. “The PM moving to Ladakh, Interacting with soldiers and cheering them has definitely boosted their morale.” Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was to travel to Leh yesterday, but his trip was cancelled.

7. Modi says, “If Indian knows how to maintain a healthy friendship, so it can also face someone and give enough response. If anybody keeps a bad look on the Indian territory, have been given a strong befitting answer by our Soldiers. Our brave soldiers made it clear that they will not tolerate anyone to taint the honour of Mother India.”

8. After weeks of simmering tension at the Line of Actual Control, 20 soldiers, including a Colonel, were killed in action. Army sources say the Chinese suffered 45 casualties.

9. The Prime Minister’s visit is also seen to deliver a strong message to the opposition Congress and other critics that have been targeting the government on its handling of the China crisis.

10. In almost daily tweets, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been demanding answers from the PM on Chinese incursions at the LAC.

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