Progress, XRPTipBot Now has a Recurring Feature


There is development and XRPTipBot is
upgrading, introducing a new feature that would make it easier for XRP fans to
make recurrent micro-payments. The recurring feature is inspiring as it allows
you to create multiple payments to another user at different times.

XRPTipBot Recurring Feature

XRPTipBot, a bot that enables users on Reddit, Twitter, and
Discord to send XRP to each other via the social media platforms now has a new
feature that could increase its popularity within the crypto cycle as the
tipping landscape heats up. The bot now has a recurring feature that enable
users to make recurrent payments.

According to XRPeteSampras “For those of you who
didn’t know, @xrptipbot has a ‘recurring tips’ feature. I should have done this
long ago, but I’ve set up my first recurring tip for @hodor
.” With this
development, users of the bot can now make payments regularly as everything has
been automated. All one has to do is to enable the recurring feature and it’s
all systems go.

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The new feature on XRPTipBot might
help attract more users cementing the popularity of XRP as a means of
settlement. While it might not be significant at the moment, XRPTipBot is
contributing to the general growth and adoption of the XRP community.

How To Send Tips Using XRPTipBot

Sending payment via the XRPTipBot is
very easy and can be completed in just a few steps. The first thing to do is to
access your XRPTipBot account using your username from Twitter, Reddit or
Discord. Once you are logged in, you can proceed to deposit XRP to your account. The cryptocurrency can be
added via direct deposit from cryptocurrency exchanges or your wallet. XPR can
also be added using your coil subscription, or by depositing to your
interledger protocol pointer.

Thereafter, one ought to load the
account with XR and begin tipping people in all supporting social media
platforms. To send a tip, use the following format; + (amount) @xrptipbot. The
tip is sent to the first name in a tweet or comment or the poster if it is a
reply to a post.

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XRPTipBot allows users to tip
multiple people in a single tweet or comment. The service has been one of the
best features on the bot. Therefore, the addition of the recurring tipping
makes it easier for social media users to create multiple payments at recurring
times. It’s even better when you are working with a team. You can pay them in a
single tweet or comment and set the payment to be carried out at regular

XRPTipBot and Adoption

If anything, Ripple (XRP) leads in
adoption and there are statistics to back up this fact. While Ripple Inc rolls
out products that serve banks and other financial institutions, ancillary
services as the XRPTipBot makes it easier for the retail users to adopt and
make payment using the cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that the
presence of services like XRPTipBot would help XRP gain traction and
simultaneously cement its position amongst retail users.