Project PAI Blockchain Protocol and Blockfolio Signal Beta, Create Platform for AI-Powered 3D Avatars


A blockchain protocol that enables anyone to create, own and manage their own personal artificial intelligence is available now on Blockfolio Signal Beta and is called Project PAI, a decentralized platform created specifically for Personal AI.

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The new platform is able to interact with decentralized applications meant for PAI-centric uses in everyday life such as virtual assistance, healthcare, social networking and entertainment. It is allowing everyone in the world to create, own, and manage their own PAI while simultaneously retaining control of their own personal data.

As one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency portfolio management apps, Blockfolio enables millions of users to stay connected to the pulse of the industry with free access to information including market data, news, and direct updates from leaders of top crypto projects. The signal feature, now in beta, connects blockchain teams directly to their users, allowing them to receive messages and push notifications for updates directly from Project PAI’s core contributing developers. Project PAI is one of the first projects worldwide invited to participate in this initiative, which is designed to create a way for projects to directly connect to the millions of community members and investors using the Blockfolio app.

Project PAI envisions a world where our online data can be used to build intelligent avatars that can operate on our behalf in the digital space.. A key tenant of Project PAI is data ownership, which is why each person’s Personal AI (PAI) and associated data will be directly owned and managed by the original user. Project PAI’s AI blockchain protocol allows for decentralization of PAI, which includes authentication and storage backed up by the PAI blockchain, which serves as the foundation for other decentralized applications to use PAI in everyday life such as virtual assistance, healthcare, social networking, entertainment and more.

PAI Coin, the native cryptocurrency of the PAI blockchain, is listed on major exchanges worldwide, including Bitfinex, Huobi, HBUS, and more.

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