Swim away with this underwater scooter for just $284

Swim away with this underwater scooter for just $284


I used to be a scuba instructor, and I remember the first time a fellow trainer brought an underwater scooter on a dive trip. Using it was exhilarating — pulled along by battery-powered turbine blades, it was an exciting way to effortlessly skim over a coral reef. His scooter cost well over $1,000, though, which scientifically speaking is “way too much.” Here’s a much more affordable option. Whether you dive, snorkel or just want to cruise around in a pool, the Geneinno G2 is an underwater scooter that usually costs $379. Right now you can get the Geneinno G2 for just $284 when you apply promo code CNETSEA at checkout. 

This “sea scooter” is surprisingly compact. It weighs just 5.9 pounds and should easily fit into a carry-on bag. Speaking of flying, the 97Wh li-polymer battery is safe to take on a plane. Even so, it generates up to 22 pounds of thrust and can pull you at speeds up to 2.7 mph for about an hour between charges. Because it has a special anti-rust coating, you can use the scooter in both fresh and salt water. And the scooter is positively buoyant, which means that even if you drop it, it won’t sink to the bottom of the lake, pool or ocean. If you’ve ever dropped some negatively buoyant scuba gear and lost it as you watched it drop to the hard floor at the end of a dive, you’ll appreciate the fact that this scooter floats. 

Want to shoot video? You can mount a GoPro camera to the mount on the front of the scooter. Or, if you prefer, you can attach a light there instead. 

Perhaps the coolest feature, though, is the scooter’s “parent mode.” You can lock the controls and remotely control the scooter with your smartphone, excellent for giving your kids rides around the swimming pool. 

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