The robo-logistics company Magazino raises $ 25 million for its warehouse bots

The German robotics company Magazino, creator of robots designed to work alongside people in warehouses and others, raised $ 24.8 million to continue the development and deployment of its robots TORU and SOTO .

Bots are made for the kind of repetitive work of loading and hauling that is so common in e-commerce distribution and storage facilities. They are considerably larger than people, but are designed to move and interact with the same spaces – ordinary shelves, lanes and tables.

The robust SOTO, which can be manipulated, has just been introduced; it can handle boxes of more than 20 pounds and two feet in diameter. The TORU has been recently redesigned but is intended for smaller payloads (think of shoe boxes). Both robots load multiple target boxes in their internal storage and then navigate to their destinations to drop them. This is the kind of thing that human warehouse workers tend to have really tired of doing.

This is also done autonomously with real-time 3D imaging – not a simple bypass system where one can take empty air and then plow people on its passage. Magazino invests heavily in the real-time detection and operation stack, called Advanced Cooperative Robotic Operating System (ACROS).

The company was established in 2014 and, in 2016, it landed large customers like Fiege, who now uses Magazino robots for some of its warehouse work, and recently ordered 30 more. Fiege also joined Körber, Cellcom and Zalando in the financing phase (Körber in the lead).

Hotel picture: Magazino

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