The Samsung Galaxy S9 + camera hits the Pixel 2 for the first place of DxOMark

You know the exercise, is not it? A new flagship comes out and drops the last big name from the first place. We are still a few weeks from the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 +, but the high-end handset has just got DxOMark treatment, and it seems like the company has another feather to put in its cap .

The site posted a 99 for the S9 +, far ahead of the very good Pixel 2 camera – and the iPhone X of two. Of course, this is not exactly the “reinvented camera” message that the company is putting forward last weekend at the MWC, but it certainly agrees with the camera-first approach that the phone is promising, winning five times the score of Galaxy Note 8 (the site rated the S8, but not S8 +, the spirit).

The site gives the S9 + its highest photo score for a handset up to now. The video score, while noting at the top, is still up there. According to DxOMark, “The S9 Plus comes with a camera that has no obvious weaknesses and works great in all categories of photo and video tests.”

The biggest addition this time is a double aperture for low light shots, and indeed, the camera works beautifully on them. The S9 + also has a zoom not found on the S9 (with some other features justifying the price of $ 120 different), which greatly reduces artifacts. The phone also gets high marks for its bokeh effect (for portrait mode), which was solid enough to start with the handset of the last note.

There are some small shots, including artifacts in a bright lighting situation, but overall, the handset seems to stand out.

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