The X-ONE H1 is a new hybrid smartwatch for the luxury traveler

Since the advent of smartwatches, amateur watch enthusiasts are looking for a mechanical watch with all the features of a smart watch. Some players have tried this feat almost impossible and now the X-ONE H1 is trying it.

The X-ONE H1 has an internal mechanical movement that feeds the hour, minute and second hand, just like an ordinary automatic watch. In addition, there is a small replaceable electronic assembly that powers the rest of the features, including GMT time, the perpetual calendar, and the decidedly unique linear display that can tell you that your father calls in Morse code .

The watch starts at $ 750 in steel and rises to about $ 1,000. It is equipped with a Sellita Caliber SW200 movement, a standard automatic movement that became popular after Swatch stopped selling so many ETA workhorse movements popular in Swiss watches over the past few decades. The electronics charge by induction and can work for a week.

The watch also has a step counter and can notify you of incoming calls and messages. He exceeded his goal on Kickstarter.

To be clear, this watch is not fully powered by the movement of your arm or the movement of your body. This technology – the ability to charge a complex electronic movement with just a rotating rotor – is not quite there, although some watches may use the spin of the rotor to power a simple quartz movement. In the end, this watch comes down to an aesthetic choice – do you like something like that compared to an Apple Watch or a similar smart watch? If you do, then you have a winner.

This is a clever hack on the Swiss traditional watch and it’s a fascinating attempt to connect mechanics to the electronics. Hopefully future versions will be less schizophrenic and will merge mechanics with electronics in real life.

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