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There’s a Cybertruck for kids — and it goes on sale Friday for $100

There's a Cybertruck for kids — and it goes on sale Friday for $100


Mattel’s new R/C Cybertruck toy goes on sale this week for $100. And it includes the Cyberquad ATV.

Bridget Carey/CNET

You’ll be able to drive a Cybertruck by this September — well, an R/C toy model, that is. Mattel worked with Tesla to create the Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck set, a one-10th scale version of the stainless steel, straight-out-of-science-fiction electric pickup truck. And it comes with a little Cyberquad as an accessory. (Yes, the ATV fits in the bed of the truck.)

The $100 remote-control car goes on sale Friday, May 21, at 8 a.m. Pacific on The site is where Mattel flaunts its more artsy side, periodically dropping limited-edition collectables. 

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Taking Mattel’s new Cybertruck toy for a test drive


Back in early 2020, Mattel Creations launched with a presale of a high-end, hobby-grade collector’s model of the Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck, also at 1:10 scale. Priced at $400, it sold out within hours. Orders for that model began arriving to customers this month. 

After the success of the first Cybertruck, Mattel is launching a toy-grade model with fewer features at a fraction of the price. The toy version has working lights and travels at about 10 mph. The remote control is shaped like the Cybertruck steering wheel. The controls are pretty basic — a stick to push for going forward and backward, and a thumb toggle for steering left and right. 

Mattel sent me one of the first models of the toy to check out myself. Unfortunately, mine broke after about five minutes of driving it. (And unlike the real deal, I didn’t have to throw anything at the window to break it.) 

I took it for a spin on a basketball court, having the car zip around my kids’ feet as my 2-year-old tried to chase it. Running it backward at full speed, I quickly jetted it forward, and instantly knew something went wrong. 

It’s supposed to accelerate with its two back tires, but in that moment, something disconnected and now only one tire moves. Our playtime was over.

I’ve reached out to Mattel and will update this story when I hear back. 

If you get your hands on this collectable, you may want to be a little gentler on your test drives. I don’t have much experience with R/C cars, but it seems a bit delicate (although the box says it’s for ages 8 and up). You can see for yourself in my video of the toy unboxing and experience, embedded above. 

Mattel says those who preorder the toy Cybertruck should have it shipped to them on or before Sept. 15.

Having it break was quite the bummer. Was I too rough with an early model? Are “collectible” toys just not made for that kind of play?

Whatever the case, Mattel happened to also send me a sample of its high-end model that sold out last year — and at four times the price, it certainly had more power. 

Able to reach speeds of 25 mph, the collector’s model included four-wheel drive, plus more details like a functional pull-down cover for the truck bed, a working tailgate and cracked window stickers for the authentic “reveal” experience

Not wanting to end the afternoon on a total disappointment, I took that collector’s edition “off-roading” at the park to kick up some dirt and get some laughs. And that one could certainly haul. 

Hopefully Mattel will come out with more lower-cost models of the Cybertruck that can handle some rough kid play. (Or for that matter, mom play.)

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