Top 4 tips for using any Bitcoin Tumbler


Bitcoin tumbler service offers the best solution for staying anonymous when transacting bitcoins. There is an increasing demand for such services and there is no denying they are becoming instrumental in protecting bitcoin users.

The online world in general poses a huge threat to users. Even where bitcoin transaction is not involved, money mixing services have been there. They have been used mostly with transactions performed on the dark web. And now they have become vital in bitcoin transactions.

Among the many ways one can use to stay under the radar, shuffling is the best approach. It does not only hide your identify but makes sure no one knows where the transactions are coming from.
But it is not a good idea to use the services blindly. You need to have some ideas on how best to handle your investments with these services. Here are some tips.

Be informed

The first question you should ask before using any tumbler is, is it worth it? Why so you want to use the services? Is it because you have found it worth your time? Or are you using it simply because a friend is?
It is important to keep you and your coins safe. In that case, using such a system becomes very important. Consider it carefully and you will not regret because your personal safety is at stake.

Remember too, that it is not the bitcoins themselves that are can be tracked. It is the transactions and the accounts that hold them.

When you buy bitcoin from other users as a long term investment, there is some information that stays on the public ledger. Such information can be access easily by anyone smart enough to figure out a full blockchain. You can use a bitcoin mixer to send and hide your funds on another account.

Understand how bitcoin tumblers work as well. This is important as well because you will avoid picking wrong tumbling services.

Pick the right tumbling service

The number of bitcoin mixing services has been on the rise recently. It can be quite overwhelming for a first timer to pick the right service. Take your time to research on all the services available on the market.
A good tumbler does not keep any logs. Since you are literally entrusting all your investments in their hands, you need to trust them. Unfortunately many of these services get shut down any time.

How often to mix

There is not really a standard amount of time you can use a bitMix – bitcoin mixer. It depends on how many transactions you have.
There are people who never transact without using bitcoin services because it is easier. The only thing you must ensure is picking the correct option for mixing your coins every time.

Don’t depend too much on them

As stated above, these services are a risk still. You don’t want to trust all your investments in them. Only mix when you are completely sure.
Bitcoin mixing is quite rewarding when you know what to do. We hope the tips we have shared above help you.