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Twitter is Bringing a New Feature; Government Official’s Accounts are Being Labeled

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Twitter is Bringing a New Feature; Government Official's Accounts are Being Labeled.

The biggest threat to Twitter is from genuine and fake Twitter accounts. Many times we accidentally become victims of information received from fake government accounts. But now you will get to know real and fake government accounts very quickly on Twitter. Micro-blogging social site.

Twitter made a big decision and said that it is starting the process of labeling government accounts of all countries. Along with this, labels will also be put on the accounts of media outlets directly associated with the government and promote them.

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Twitter has started a new label from these countries. Currently, accounts of government officials in China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States are being labeled. Apart from this, now the company will not recommend tweets issued from government media institutions.

The whole system will be transparent

Twitter has said that it wants to transpire its system and hence has taken this step. However, only departments’ accounts will be labeled under this. Twitter will not make any label on personal accounts because people are already aware of them.

Alert to users:

The social media platform Twitter has alerted its Android users through a security message. Twitter has asked many users to update the app. A bug has appeared on the site. Due to this bug, private messages (DM) of users are being revealed. Android 8 and Android 9 users were getting affected due to the virus. According to the company, 96 percent of Android Twitter users already have Android security patches that protect them from such infections. Twitter on Wednesday revealed a large security flaw in the Android app.

4% of users were affected by the bug

However, Twitter has claimed that no evidence has been found to take advantage of this flaw, and it was detected in time. Twitter said that about 4 percent of Twitter users had been affected due to this, and security notifications have been sent to these users. These users are getting an alert on opening the app, in which it has been advised to update the app. Users should update the Twitter app to the latest version, in which this bug has been removed.

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