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VeChain Foundation Announces Partnership with INPI Asia: Nanotech Digital Identity Solutions

According to a post on Medium, VeChain Foundation has declared that it is partnering up with INPI Asia – firm that provides advancements and improvements when it comes to digital identification by utilizing combinations of nanotech.

VeChain Foundation is the responsibility taker when it comes to turning on the radar and finding pathways on how the VeChainThor platform can reach higher capabilities. That is through [as described in the post] approaching best product and solution makers.

When appropriately used, INIPI ASIA can disrupt the current dynamic of the RFID/NFC/QR Code dominant market.

“NDCode – [the solution provided by INIPI Asia] adds to the Internet of Things market by:

  1. Adding nano identification to products enabling a new world of connected “THINGS ”
  2. Enabling a security level with photonic property
  3. Bringing a truly endless life cycle to digital identification
  4. Opens untapped scalability potential and cost efficiency”

Using the VeChainThor Blockchain platform, the layers of security and value verification added by INPI ASIA and VeChain can by verified for their history and origin while not being able to be altered.  In addition fraudulent changes and movements can be detected using the VeChainThor blockchain.

“This solution enables maintenance of public auditing while preserving privacy as well as promotes transparency for public users on behalf of enterprises and government bodies.”

For the time being, VeChain [VEN] is trading at $3.95 with 2.99% gain in the last 24-hours and leading the Bitcoin market by 1.15% on April 22.

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