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WhatsApp banking platform of ICICI Bank crosses 1 million users

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WhatsApp banking platform of ICICI Bank crosses 1 million users

ICICI Bank has said that Whatsapp banking platform service has crossed a milestone of 1 million users.

“The Bank had launched banking services on WhatsApp three months ago to facilitate the retail customers. So customers can access banking services from their home in Coronavirus pandemic when they were all advised to stay indoors.”

Therefore, the Bank has received a promising response from its customers in such a short span. And the Bank is expecting to double the number in the next three months.

The Bank introduced few services like the last three transactions, savings account Balance, details of pre-approved instant loan offers, credit card limit, and securely block/unblock credit and debit cards with end-to-end encryption for all messages.

ICICI added several new features like opening an instant savings account, access to pdf of our partnered magazines/newspapers, locating the nearby essential stores, and opting for loan moratorium to this service recently.

The Bank has also introduced these all services to the NRI customers.

Services include – checking account balance, last three transaction info, applying for loan moratorium, and revising the limit of credit card have seen the maximum usage.

Here are the details on how to take advantage of the banking services on WhatsApp:

Save the number and say ‘Hi’: The customer requires to save ICICI Bank’s verified WhatsApp profile number, 86400 86400, in mobile contacts.

Send <Hi> to WhatsApp profile number from your registered mobile number. The Bank will reply with a list of available services.

Type keyword for service: 

From the list of available services, type the keyword of the service required (In the conversation for easy recognition, keywords were highlighted), for example, < Block>, <Balance>, etc. The service is carried out and displayed quickly.

Head- Digital Channels & Partnership of ICICI Bank, Mr. Bijith Bhaskar, said, “With the expanding influence of social media in daily life, we believe that WhatsApp banking has given great convenience to the customers. Customers can access banking services host without visiting a branch. Over a million users have taken the service in just three months. With a promising response, we aim to double the number of users in the next three months to 2 million. 

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