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WhatsApp Opponent Telegram Launches 10 New Features.

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WhatsApp Opponent Telegram Launches 10 New Features.

WhatsApp Opponent Telegram Rolled Out 10 New Features, Checkout Fresh Updates.

WhatsApp`s closest rival Telegram has rolled out slew of new features.

WhatsApp`s closest rival, Telegram, has rolled out some latest new features, including 2 GB file sharing, profile videos, improved people nearby, and more. Telegram Messenger is getting an app update, which brings ten new features to the cloud-based instant messaging platform. The app brings profile videos, enhanced Photo & Video editor, and improved people nearby feature mini-thumbnails, group stats, animated emoji, multiple accounts on telegram desktop, 2 GB file-sharing capabilities, and more.

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Both Telegram and WhatsApp have differing attitudes and opinions on users’ data and privacy. If privacy matters are a priority, or users wish to avoid the mainstream, then Telegram should be the right choice.

However, it should be considered WhatsApp does not lag far behind. Both WhatsApp and Telegram boast similar features, like picture-in-picture viewing and sticker ideas. But at the same time, both messenger platforms have different features. 

Telegram tweeted –

Check out the new features that Telegram has rolled out.

Check out the new features that Telegram has rolled out.

Check out the new features in Telegram

Sending large files 

Telegram users can now send endless numbers of media and files of any kind – up to 2 GB each.

Profile Videos

Now users can upload a video on their profile and select any frame for their profile pictures in chats. 

“Any videos you upload, our media editor, will help you enhance quality – or decorate yourself with the latest animated stickers. If your mood changes, you can quickly switch back to a recent profile photo or video by tapping ‘Set as Main.’ Great for rewinding time and staying fresh forever,” the blogpost said.

Soften Skin

Any video or photo you take with the front-facing camera now has a softened skin option in the media editor. 

Improved People Nearby

When people communicate with you through the People Nearby section, you will see how far away they are from your place. Telegram will suggest a greeting sticker when you will start a chat with someone nearby.

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The new thumbnails are also visible in message and notifications search results. Users can hold on a profile picture in the list of chat to view messages without opening the conversation. 

Filter New Chats from Non-Contacts

Users can try the new switch in Privacy & Security settings to automatically archive and recent mute chats from people who are not in the contact list. You can access those chats anytime, anywhere from the Archive folder, and bring them back to the main chat list with a tap.

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Group Stats

Large group owners with over 500 members now can view beautiful and detailed graphs about their activity and progress. Group stats also reflect a list of top members by several messages and regular message length.

Android Extras

For Android smartphones, the music player has redesigned with sleek new icons and an expandable tracklist. 

Multiple Accounts on Telegram Desktop

Telegram lets you keep signed in on 3 accounts from different phone numbers without logging out. The feature which was earlier there for mobile users is coming to the multi-platform Telegram Desktop.

Animated emoji

A new set of animated emojis added to the Telegram repository. 

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