Women in Cryptocurrency | Let’s Celebrate the Wins!

Women in Cryptocurrency | Let’s Celebrate the Wins!


Women in cryptocurrency – it’s not something you hear that often. Like many ventures in the tech and business world, crypto seems to be largely dominated by men.

When posting in crypto forums under a username, many responders assumed I was male and addressed me as such. This got me wondering – where are all the ladies at in the crypto sphere?

It is estimated that women account for only about 4-6% of all blockchain investors. Many argue that this is because women, on the whole, are far less risk tolerant and are therefore less likely to invest in something that is shown to be unstable – such as cryptocurrency.

Although women appear to invest less on the regular stock market, their investments might perform better on a long-term basis. Whether this translates into crypto, however, is difficult to tell, considering how few women are involved in digital currencies and blockchain technology.

We’re not here to discuss the implementations of what it could mean for women to not be investing in cryptocurrencies. Nor are we here to discuss the current space that women have been pushed into for crypto. Those are whole other conversations. Instead, I’d like to recognize some of the women who ARE in the crypto space right now.

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Women in cryptocurrency: Coin_artist

coin_artist truly represents girl power when it comes to the crypto space. If you haven’t heard of her, you should definitely check out her work. She’s the mastermind behind one of the toughest Bitcoin puzzles that took nearly three years to solve. She’s the co-founder of Blockade Games LLC, the company behind the marvelous brainchild that is Neon District, an upcoming RPG trading card blockchain game.

coin_artist is carving out a space for herself in the crypto world and it’s encouraging to see such a creative approach to the blockchain universe.

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Women in cryptocurrency: Brit Morin

Brit Morin is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Brit + Co. She is the epitome of a woman getting other women involved in crypto. Morin says that she’s “pissed off” more women aren’t involved in the potential technology of the future. Just this week, to combat this, she hosted an event geared at making cryptocurrency more approachable to women.

Brit Morin is not about backing down without a fight. If she wants to get more women involved in cryptocurrency, she’s going to get more women involved in cryptocurrency, even if it’s just at an educational level to start.

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Women in cryptocurrency:Jalak Jobanputra

Jalak Jobanputra founded the venture capital fund FuturePerfect Ventures that she is now largely focusing on the blockchain space. She also recently held a crypto event for women, this one a cozy get-together for women in cryptocurrency to share their experiences. Blockchain is an exciting concept to Jobanputra, one that she wishes to share with the world.

To find out more about why Jalak Jobanputra has been a long-time enthusiast behind crypto, check out this podcast.

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Women in cryptocurrency are slowly making themselves known. These are just a few examples of some of the women who have turned their livelihoods to crypto.

If you’re one of the women in cryptocurrency, sound off! If you’re a woman looking to get into crypto, remember that you won’t be completely alone, thanks to all these lovely ladies listed above. We can’t let the boys have all the fun, after all.

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