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Woz U and BlockGeeks Announce New Partnership, offering Career Training with Expertise in Blockchain Technology.

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Steve Wozniak’s tech education, called Woz U, and BlockGeeks a knowledge sharing and ecosystem development platform, recently announced their new partnership at DesTechAZ in Scottsdale, Arizona. Wozniak’s education as-a-service company transforms how individuals are educated with personalized, tech-based career training. BlockGeeks, is a Blockchain technology company that provides Smart Contract Audits, White paper audits and educational training for enterprise clients, as well as a platform for learning and teaching online. The addition of BlockGeeks’ coursework will aid Woz U’s ability to offer students a career path with expertise in blockchain technology.

The partnership empowers Woz U to further develop its offering with the addition of blockchain career training powered by BlockGeeks. With more than 30 courses and workshops and over 500 lessons available to students, BlockGeeks provides an array of blockchain learning materials to Woz U’s partners and students. Students can master new skills and achieve goals by learning from developers, hardworking entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders about the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technologies. As blockchain-based solutions become the new norm for organizations, the agreement between Woz U and BlockGeeks enables learners to have access to comprehensive courses that teach students the latest practices and strategies in blockchain technology.

“The partnership with Woz U aligns perfectly with our objective to make learning materials available to individuals interested in advancing their education in the technology industry,” said Vlad Martynov, co-founder of BlockGeeks. “Our collaboration with Woz U enables us to meet fast growing demand for qualified blockchain experts and developers and offer courses for students to gain the skillset for a blockchain-based career as industries continue to embrace the technology to evolve, impacting the way companies operate.”

“It’s important for individuals to have access to education programs to learn about, develop, and operate blockchain-based technologies. BlockGeeks provides Woz U students access to Ethereum-based courses, which is a tremendous resource for individuals seeking to gain a stronger understanding of blockchain,” stated Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum.

“The partnership enables us to work with a respected and knowledgeable group in blockchain training who works closely with the Ethereum team and other experts with practical blockchain experience,” said Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Woz U. “BlockGeeks, with its innovative approach to education, is uniquely qualified to train on blockchain concepts, architecture and application. We are excited to be working with such a talented team, and to bring blockchain career training to Woz U.”

The future graduates of Woz U’s Arizona approved program, powered by BlockGeeks, will receive a certificate of completion.

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