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Xbox at E3 2021: Watch Starfield and Stalker 2 trailers, Halo Infinite live now

Xbox at E3 2021: Watch Starfield and Stalker 2 trailers, Halo Infinite live now

Historically, years like these, right after the launch of a new video game console, are when the pace of new games picks up steam. Some huge titles are on tap for this year, Halo Infinite and an early leak, Starfield.

The Xbox maker is expected to discuss a wide range of new games and initiatives during its press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Sunday, June 13 at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET). Though the event is being held remotely on a livestream as the world slowly recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft is still expected to make attention-grabbing announcements for its video game console. Yes, that means in addition to Halo.

Ahead of the event, Microsoft accidentally leaked the trailer for Starfield, an all-new space RPG made by Bethesda, the game studio Microsoft bought along with ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion. It’s due for release on November 11 2022.

“It’s a game we’ve dreamt of playing, and it wasn’t till now that we have the hardware, the technology and the team is hard at work at home to make that dream a reality,” said Bethesda Game Studios head Todd Howard during the event.

The company may also discuss its next big racing game, Forza Horizon 5, likely built to take advantage of next-generation tech built into the newest Xbox consoles.


This one image of Halo’s hero, Master Chief, was enough to send fans screaming when the new game was announced last summer.


The company’s also expected to discuss its Xbox game streaming service, which is built into the company’s $15 per month Xbox Games Pass Ultimate service. Game streaming allows people to stream games over the internet in a similar way they watch Netflix today. 

Here’s everything Microsoft announced Sunday:


Perhaps the biggest announcement happened just before the event started, when the trailer for Bethesda’s next big role playing game leaked online.

We didn’t learn much, other than the fact that it’ll be an Xbox exclusive game launching November 11, 2022. But that’s enough to start the hype train into overdrive.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

Zombies are all the rage these days, and Microsoft has a new horror game to offer up. It’s called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, and it’s based in Chernobyl, because the only thing better than a zombie is an irradiated zombie, I suppose. It’s due to launch April 28 of 2022.

Back 4 Blood

Microsoft’s take on Valve’s old popular cooperative shooting zombie game, Left 4 Dead, launches October 12.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life

Microsoft’s big multiplayer online pirate game, Sea of Thieves, is getting a free update on June 22 with new characters and a new original storyline based on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. There’s even Jack Sparrow. Because, why not?


Microsoft’s press conference will be held online on Sunday, June 13, at 10 a.m. PT/1p.m. ET/6 p.m. BST. That’ll be 3 a.m. on June 14 AEST (sorry, Australia.)


We’ll keep you up to date about all the key announcements from the show, and will be livestreaming the press conference here, on CNET as well as on our sister site GameSpot.

What we can expect

What, a new Halo isn’t enough for you? Well, don’t worry, Microsoft has shown a penchant for showing off a ton of games, and this year will likely be no different.

We’ll be there

CNET will be covering the all-digital E3 2021 alongside our sister site, GameSpot. We’ll update this page throughout the show as more games are announced.

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E3 2021 Preview: Xbox, Nintendo, Bethesda and more


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