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Your sibling deserves a fantastic gift, and CRED has just what they’d love!-Business News , Firstpost

Your sibling deserves a fantastic gift, and CRED has just what they'd love!

It all starts with downloading CRED – a members-only credit card bill payment tool that rewards users for paying their bills on time.

Love them or love their drama, life is often more exciting because of our siblings. So there’s no better time to pamper them and shower them with love than the present.

It all starts with downloading CRED – a members-only credit card bill payment tool that rewards users for paying their bills on time. The app gives users plenty of incentives to help them look forward to the end of the billing cycle. From August 12-15, CRED is celebrating ‘Sibling Week’ – an excellent opportunity to pamper your brothers and sisters and get the best deals.

Members can use their Cred Coins to get 50% off on over 100 handpicked gifts from some of the biggest and most popular brands. Style mavens will love the expertly curated list of makeup, nail polish, jewellery, accessories, and hair styling tools to amp up their festive looks. If you have a sibling who loves to play bartender, try a party-ready cocktail premix that will have them mixing up delicious drinks for you to celebrate together.

But for tech lovers, wireless earbuds can be just the thing to sail through meetings and workouts with equal ease. Multitaskers will love a smartwatch to keep track of their activities and schedule through the day. Of course, there is also a range of fantastic skincare products and devices for both men and women that are sure to excite. From beard oils and jade rollers to sheet masks and facial cleansing brushes – there’s something for everyone, literally!

Help a budding coffee drinker master the art of brewing the perfect cuppa with a quality French press by Cafe Jei or a classic coffee percolator kit by Somethings Brewing. Tea drinkers will love the exclusive detox selection to unwind and relax. Finally, surprise your resident green lover with a gardening set or an eco-friendly rakhi kit by BioQ that can help you celebrate a loving moment in conjunction with nature.

But if you are reading this list and still thinking you haven’t hit the gift jackpot yet, there’s plenty of fail-safes. You can pick up everything from a quirky mug and cushion combo to premium therapeutic oils and perfumes that are sure to make an impression. There are even some healthy superfoods and savoury snacks that the pickiest eaters won’t be able to resist.

Finally, there’s a yummy selection of handmade, premium Belgian chocolates, handcrafted cookies or vegan and sugar-free sweets and chocolates. You can gift these individually or add them to another gift easily.

Your sibling deserves a fantastic gift and CRED has just what theyd love

With a lineup of exciting discounts, offers, and an enviable selection of luxury products, CRED makes it easy to show your siblings just how much you love them. Now, you can even do this digitally. Simply add your sibling’s shipping details and send the gifts right to their doorstep. So, if you’re paying bills on time, why not let CRED spoil you and your siblings with some exclusive rewards you truly deserve.

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Sibling Week: Gift recommendations for your partner-in-crime 

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